We are living in a world where every retailer is offering an omnichannel experience. Customers can buy through the website, mobile app, or can go to the store directly to buy their favorite outfit. However, in an attempt to attract customers from all channels, retailers sometimes fail to deliver optimal experience across all the customer touchpoints, thereby losing customer faith gradually. It may be possible that the inventory that is available on the store may vary from what is visible on the mobile app, thus leading to an unsatisfied customer.

Thus, the time has come when retailers must think of integrating front ends with a robust retail ERP that smoothens the path to purchase and enrich the customer experience with their brand.

What is Integrated Ecommerce?

Integrated ecommerce can be understood as seamless coordination between ecommerce website (front end) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for retail (back end) to create a uniform user experience across all the customer touchpoints, including brick and mortar, website and mobile. Thus comprehensively, ecommerce integration aims to deliver an enhanced user experience through ecommerce, M-commerce, and physical stores by depending on a robust ERP system that has been diligently developed to take care of retail business needs.

The pursuit of elevating customer experience for the omnichannel business will redefine integrated ecommerce in 2020. Thus, retail ERP, like Celero ERP can help businesses in 2020 to synchronize all the channels while increasing revenue potential, customer delight, and reducing operating costs.

Let’s explore the specific benefits of integrated ecommerce in 2020.

How Integrated Ecommerce will ensure Retail Success in 2020?

1.Process more number of orders: An integrated ecommerce is backed up by meaningful and relevant data derived in real-time by ERP, thus empowering front end to fulfill customer requirements instantly. It aligns the data between various touchpoints and ensures that the maximum number of orders can be processed by maintaining a real-time update on stock availability.

2.Streamline the purchase process: Modern customers make purchases from different channels at different points of time. To ensure that they experience a uniform interaction with the brand, integrated ecommerce plays a significant role by managing order management, customer relations, inventory management, shipping, and returns.

3.Deliver personalized experience: Integrated ecommerce is powered by an advanced ERP system that uses emerging technologies to analyze customer behavior and offer them customized choices. It is easy to provide tailor-made discounts and services to customers across different touchpoints. Moreover, ERP tracks user behavior and, thus, is very helpful in serving customers better at the physical store. The staff can have the information about the user’s choice when he shopped through the website, and thus they can provide them a bespoke service.

4.Enjoy higher profit margins: Profitability increases when the process is aligned across all the channels. When a customer places an order from any touchpoint, it is captured by ERP at the backend. It is reflected in the respective dashboards of sales, accounts, warehouse, and shipping, thereby reducing the chances of errors and increasing profitability.

5.Get a loyal base of satisfied customers: Finally, integrated ecommerce is the key to customer delight. A customer is happy and chooses to remain faithful to a brand when the brand meets his expectations across all the touchpoints. With an integrated ecommerce, your business can offer a unified experience to the customers, thus increasing the quality of their interaction with the brand.

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