Hiiting exercise is the right approach to any workout. We will explain why you need to warm up and how to do it correctly so that the exercises are performed without problems.

Any trainer will say that a warm-up before exercises is a mandatory step in any workout. And you need to do it not only in the gym, but also in front of the approaches at home. Now we will explain why it is important to warm up before training and how to do it correctly.

Why warm up?
The biggest reason is that you will minimize the chance of injury. Attempting to lift the working weight "cold" without the slightest preparation can lead to rupture of muscles or ligaments. Remember - such injuries heal very slowly and it often happens that until the end their consequences do not go away at all. Preparing the nervous system for work is the second reason. Exercise has a serious effect on the central nervous system, a sharp transition to exercise will result in stress for the body. The consequences can be different - up to loss of consciousness.

If you conduct the workout correctly, the blood supply to the muscles and various tissues of the body will improve significantly, and the effectiveness of the training will increase. The main thing is to reduce the interval between warm-up and directly training, it should not exceed five minutes. You will accelerate the pulse, increase blood circulation, saturate muscles with nutrients and oxygen - all this is useful for the body, preparing for the loads.

If you do not warm up?
There are people who do not warm up. They do not get injured for the reason that their body has a good margin of safety. The problem is that once a worked-out mechanism will fail anyway, the injuries during strength exercises are high. So what can happen if you don't warm up?

At a minimum - pull the ligaments. A common problem will make you forget about training for a while. If the vessels are weak - you can easily faint. Sudden loads are fraught with pressure drops, and there is not far from an unconscious state. It affects the heating and joints, more precisely - the production of fluid lubricants. Do not warm up - you can get in trouble with them, potentially - you have to completely abandon the sport.

How to do hiit workouts?
There are two kinds of workouts - dynamic and static. The first is to evenly repeat the movements that knead the muscles. The second is also called stretching, it consists in tension in a static state. The experts do not recommend the latter, as it reduces the results. Dynamic is more effective - it helps to increase the flexibility of muscles.

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