In today’s ultra modern and technology-driven businesses, gone are the days when invoices were printed or manually created. With the cloud computing technology taking over and automated solutions that combine all the departments of the business and connect them to each other, it becomes imperative that invoices are generated electronically.

No more hard copies of invoices or payable receipts and no more envelopes and file binders holding hundreds of revenue slips. Today, smart businesses handle their payables more efficiently – they automate account payable solutions.

Apart from the most common reason of automating

saving time
there are numerous benefits of account payable automation.

Overall Savings
Automated account payable solutions save money (by reducing the overhead of manual data entry), time (automation makes the system faster and easier) and efforts (a accounts payable workflow software will set things up for long-term use).

Integrated System
Automated accounts payable solutions are integrated with your business process and streamline the entire payable workflow. You don’t have to spend time and efforts in routing your payables from one department to another. The automated solution takes care of that.

Error-Free Data
When it comes to invoices, a minor error can cost a lot. From inaccurate balance sheets to wrong payment information, automated solutions ensure your data is error free. It also makes detection of any error or fraud easier and faster.

Real-Time Tracking
Unlike manual invoice generation system, automated accounts payable solutions help you in real-time tracking of invoice. With the help of payable automation, you can find out where an invoice is, and you can know its status in real-time. This helps in getting rid of unnecessary delays and in receiving and sending payments promptly.
Other than the above, there are all the benefits of automated payables solutions, as in any other automated software.

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