When it comes to choosing and buying bras, women often prioritize the style and design of bra. They focus too much on the aesthetics that they tend to forget about its comfort and fit. But did you know that those two are the most important factors in choosing a bra?
Are you one of those women? Are you wearing bras that don’t fit? Well, let me ask you a few questions. Does your underwear tend to ride up your back? Do your breasts overflow through the bra cups? Or do you feel discomfort, tightness or does your skin exhibit hyperpigmentation after you remove your bra? If you have answered yes to all of the questions that we have asked, then it’s about time that you change your bra size.
To motivate you in doing so, here are some of the benefits that you can get when you wear the right cup size of bra:

1.) Wearing the right bra size can help maintain the shape of your breasts.

Have you noticed some women with seemingly abnormally shaped breasts? Well, sometimes, that is not their anatomy—it is due to their improperly fitting bra. When you bra doesn’t fit, your breast may overflow from the cups, and the excess fats from the sides of your body will bulge. When you wear non-wired bras with good support and the right size, you can be able to maintain the shape of your breasts.

2.) Wearing the right bra size can help prevent breasts from sagging.

No one wants to have saggy breasts. How can improperly sized bras make your breasts sag? Well, bras that are too small for your breasts may provide continuous pressure to your breasts which may cause it to droop. If you wish to maintain perky breasts, we recommend wearing the right size of non-wired bras with good support.

3.) Wearing the right bra size protects your breast during physical activity.

Your boobs may not sag when you sleep, but they may droop during exercise. When you jog, run, and jump in your workouts, your breast may take its toll due to the bouncing movement that you may produce. With the right size of bra, the pain and negative effects that come with the bouncing movement will be minimized.

4.) Wearing the right bra size keeps back and shoulder pain at bay.

If you have large breasts, you are well aware of how uncomfortable it can be. You may be experiencing shoulder and back pain all day long. The right size and type of bra can be able to give your breasts the support they need to minimize pain. A properly fitting bra can evenly distribute the weight of your breast and ensure that your shoulders and back can be free of pain and any discomforts.

5.) Wearing the right bra size can avoid skin irritation.

Are you wearing a too tight bra? Some of the signs that you are wearing one are chafing and skin irritation. A too tight bra can inhibit your rib cage and may cause the bra to rub against your skin which may lead to inflammation or redness. With the right size of bra, your breasts may be able to move freely without rubbing against the fabric of your bra, preventing the development of various skin irritations.

6.) Wearing the right bra size can promote good circulation.

When the bra is too tight, the blood circulation in the chest and back area is impeded, constricting the lymphatic system. When the flow of liquid that also contains the wastes and toxins in the body is negatively affected, you may experience some complications with your breast tissues.

7.) Wearing the right bra size can help you practice proper posture.

Tight or loose fitting bra will not provide enough support for your breasts. When your breasts are not properly supported, there is a tendency that you will compensate for it by slouching forward. Aside from the fact that poor posture is not a great sight to behold, it may also lead to various health problems. In the short term, you will be experiencing back pain every day. In the long run, the slouching may lead to a curved spine.
Keep these benefits of wearing a properly fitting bra in mind when shopping for your bra and for sure; you will be motivated to find the right cup size for your breast!

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