When it comes to relationships, one of the more sticky issues, and one for which many people seek relationship advice, is men who have problems staying monogamous. Now to be fair, it is sometimes an issue with the other side of the equation too. But that is another article for another day. Here we will be discussing men and monogamy and ways in which they can go about solving this issue.

As for all the reasons why some men have problems being faithful to one woman, well, we could go on and on endlessly, but that would take up far more space than we have allotted here. What we will do is focus on three specific reasons why.

It might not be entirely the man’s fault.
Consider the biological differences between the sexes. Men make millions of sperm a day while women make one egg a month. The implication here is that nature has given males the biological capability to procreate endlessly. Taking this data into consideration, is it possible that men are supposed to have sex with as many partners as possible?

Birds of a feather.
Good old peer pressure. This is especially true if the guy in question is in his twenties or at a relatively young age. For example, they will see one (or more) of their buddies living the life of a so-called player, trying to go out with as many different women as they can, as if it is some kind of badge of honor. Then they subsequently think that in order to “fit in” they have to do the same thing, even when their inner instincts tell them it is not right. That is why it is of the utmost importance for a man to give deep thought to how much his significant other means to him. If he thinks that she is the one for him and wants to have a long-term or maybe even permanent relationship with her, then he must do all he can to make sure things work out. And being monogamous is one of them.

Boring, boring, out of here.
Some men just lose sight of the big picture and think that once the relationship becomes predictable, it becomes boring and therefore time to find some “New” excitement (Say hello to the 60 year old lonely single man!). Okay the boring part is going to happen even if you are with Pamela Anderson, but rather than end the relationship that you may or may not have committed a lot of time to, learn some techniques to spice it up and make it exciting again. Make it a game to play and get good at. Go out to movies on a weekday, get romantic in unexpected places, go out to dinner for no special occasion. Get out of your paradigm and be unpredictable. Learning to deal with boredom and use it in your favor and end of growing together and making a stronger relationship.

As was stated above, the topic of men and monogamy could go on infinitely, but make no mistake about it, the three reasons we mentioned in this article are at the top of the heap. Men who find themselves confronting these types of issues are well-advised to get relationship advice from those in the know. And there is plenty of help out there from highly qualified professionals who know how to deal with relationship problems.

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