To believe that it is possible to 'never expect anything', tells how far peoples manipulation of themselves goes and it also shows the lack of self knowledge. Fact is that every body is full of expectations, although hardly anybody is conscious about this, because these expectations are the result of the programming every body has grown into from the moment of birth. There exist a common social mindset, that has developed during history of mankind and is the result of the development of mind and emotions.

The moment when humans started to become conscious about their thinking and feeling ability, they also started to identify themselves with their capability and then getting excitement out of it, what gave them the feeling of existence. This is still the same in our days, only that during history of humans evolution the mental and emotional properties have been widely evolved and became the common mindset of humans society.

All individuals born into the existing society are taking over this mindset and make it to their own by being identified with it. This common 'knowledge' is received by education and the example of parents and all influences around. Out of this and personal experiences the 'personality' builds up and is confirmed within the frame of common concepts and expectations. Expectations how things should be, - coming out of ones indubitable established mindset, because this is an 'authority' that rules the existence of the personality on all levels.

This demanding force of ones mindset is so strong, because it is in most part unconscious and is dominating the individual from an invisible background. So what happens then, is that people react constantly to what shows up in their daily life. These reactions happen because of ones unconscious expectations that decide if something is accepted or rejected. It will be accepted if it fulfils ones stored programmed expectation and then it will produce the feeling of joy and happiness or it will be rejected because it doesn't confirm ones expectations and so is producing disappointment. If this happens again and again, then this will produce depressions or disease.

The effected person can't change their program, because doesn't know about it and so goes on manipulating oneself, with all what the social system offers.

Humans are virtuous professionals in manipulation, that they have developed to a sophisticated tool. Not only manipulating conditions and situations to make them fit their wishes, but also manipulating people that they do, think and feel how it is wanted, - for ones own benefit in the first place, - naturally!

The most sophisticated manipulation people are doing, is not by manipulating others, but themselves and an example is when trying to 'never expect anything'. This is simply against the natural *growing force* and when done, then this will have destructive results. In the first place because it is cutting of the possibility for a creative exchange between people and ones surrounding. There will be no real relating possible and so no spontaneous response to what shows up. This will have more serious results than the feeling of disappointment, when having expectations and not getting what one wants. Not having any expectations as an attitude will effect the essence of ones personality, when one is becoming even more stuck and limited as before.

This is having an impact on ones existence on all levels, when suppressing ones expectations, that causes a blockage that happens when reactions are not allowed to show up and so ones self expression is reduced. With this ones *learning and growing* is stuck. Because ones reactions are the only way to get to know and to clear up ones unconscious background and so one will be stuck and continue being ruled by ones mindset, that one has taken over without knowing about it and so one has no option and the possibility to decide about it. So one will continue in the 'herd', following all the other, guided by some shepherds who are using their power, but also don't know that they are following the same demand from the same source of programmed mind material, that serves in the first place to keep going the illusion of personalities.

So it might be clear by now, why it is wrong 'not to expect anything'. You might understand now that we need to allow our reactions to show up. Of course we should keep these in a certain limit, not acting like an elephant in a porcelain shop, but important is that we are aware of our reactions and this will be possible when we allow them to show up. Then we will see what has caused these reactions and
that this is our expectation we have how things should be. Then we also might be able to recognize what program has caused our expectation and then we will be able to decide if we want to hold on this or we can drop it as worn out and so clearing up ourselves and freeing ourselves from the ruling mindset and give space for our *growing*, - towards new horizons...

Author's Bio: 

BeiYin is the founder of 'FalconBlanco', a place were some friends live together, with the intention to be creative and go beyond the commonly established life style and mindset. BeiYin is gardener, recycler and writer.