Italy is full of panoramas and landscapes and also home to top universities like Bocconi university. As Indians, we love traditions and ancient ruins. We also relish hearty meals (a lot of readers of this blog will even second my thought if I replaced the word meals with cheese!). Hence it is absolutely a treat for Indians to visit Italy to experience all that we love doing and exploring.

Indian tourists prefer a lot of sightseeing; they love to absorb varied cultures and find themselves at peace when they witness something worth the money they spent. Italy is absolutely that place.

Whether it is Rome, the capital of Italy or Milan, the fashion capital of Italy you can soak yourself completely in the cosmopolitan culture of these cities that are sprawling with art, architecture, fashion weeks, high-end restaurants etc. Indians appreciate history and monuments like no other. And that is precisely why we are sure Italy will leave you impressed inside out. Rock paintings, monuments, museums, ancient civilization there’s a lot to explore.

Centro Storico is a historic center encompassing the Baroque fountain, hotels, cafes, Renaissance palazzo etc., the list is endless. If you want to take a look at some magnificent churches do not forget to visit Lecce. Greek temples and ancient theatres/museums based in Sicily are absolute must a visit. And if you are a wine lover visit Florence, Verona, Rome, and Venice for sure. Rossini Opera Festival is awaited by many; people purposely visit Italy in August to be able to witness this festival. Try the Mediterranean landscape at Amalfi Coast, we bet you won’t be disappointed. For people who love water, lakes and beaches are the best places to be in Italy. Be it Lake Orta or Lake Gorda the serenity of these lakes just makes it an ideal getaway for all tourists. A peaceful motorboat ride just feels like an icing on the cake.

There is one more thing that we as Indians worship – Bollywood! More of Bollywood than Italian movies are shot in Italy. All the Bollywood romantics would hence find themselves at home. It dates back to those days of ‘Do Lafzon Ki Hai Dil Ki Kahani’ from The Great Gambler until today with Bachna Ae Haseeno, Housefull, Jeans, Rockstar etc.; most of our close to heart movies get shot in Italy.

On a different note, most Indians live to eat than otherwise; Italians are no different. Whether it is the Carbonara Pasta or Risotto, whether it is the Polenta or Bolognese or the Italian Cheese; be ready to put on some extra calories on your trip to Italy. Oh, and how can we forget the many Pizzerias in Naples? If you are not delighted by the mouth-watering Pizza's here especially the Neapolitan style we are ready to lose anything! And if pizza drives you crazy we have a piece of even better news for you. Visit Naples in September to attend the Pizzafest; you will get to try every variety of pizza that there possibly can be. You can always hit the gym later to take care of those extra calories!

April to June is the period that the tourists would love the most while being in Italy; all due credit to the pleasant weather. Since the temperatures are moderate in Italy around this time Indians would enjoy their time away from the scorching April/May heat. In fact, we have heard even September and October is a good time to visit Italy. Besides the climate, tourists during this period are less and hence the prices are slashed too.

Are you already planning Italy to be your next travel destination?

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