Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is one of the world’s best, and most expensive, coffees. But why is it that some coffees cost so much more than others? The answer lies in simple supply and demand. Jamaica is a relatively small island to produce globally consumed coffee, and the quality of the coffee is incredibly high. The main reason why Blue Mountain coffee is in such high demand is because of the amazing taste and quality of the coffee, and the supply is limited by geographically by the size of the island and amount of arable land available for coffee cultivation.

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee produces has a smooth and mild taste, a clean well balanced cup, with an excellent body and aroma. This makes it a very nice coffee for any situation. Other great reasons why Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee's in such high demand are:

The Rise of the Specialty Coffee Industry

The specialty coffee industry has seen a massive rise in recent years. As specialty coffee came into vogue, the demand for high quality high quality Arabica beans such as Jamaican blue mountain and Kona Coffee also rose because people learned to tell great coffee from just decent coffee. In 2012 37% of all coffee consumed in the United States was considered specialty coffee. Blue Mountain coffee is considered to be one of the most desirable beans by the Specialty Coffee Industry.

It has the Highest quality standards

When buying Jamaican Blue mountain coffee the customer knows that the coffee bean is of the absolute highest quality. The Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica has very strict rules, which regulate every aspect of coffee production in the country. If a coffee does not pass these strict regulations the coffee can’t be sold as Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, no matter where it was grown. As a result the producer is forced to sell the coffee at a much lower price and under a different label. The high prices given to producers for cultivating a top quality bean motivates them to produce only top quality coffee.

Japan’s Consumption

Japan truly loves Jamaican blue mountain coffee, and buys around 80% of all of the Blue Mountain Coffee produced. This only increases the demand of other nations given Japan’s huge consumption of this fabulous coffee. Jamaican Blue mountain coffee is already hard to buy given the small yearly production and the strict quality standards. Factor in the incredibly high annual consumption of Japan, and this gourmet coffee becomes very difficult to get. This drives the price up even more because there are simply more buyers than there is coffee.


Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is a very desirable coffee due to its unbeatable taste and top-notch quality. Without a doubt this coffee is one of the scarcest and best coffees in the world. If you ever get a chance to try a 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, you’ll want to make sure to take your time and really savor it, because the opportunity might not come again!

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Austin Baines is a coffee roaster and connoisseur at Cubico Coffee, a unique Florida coffee roaster that offers personally customized coffee blends designed by the each customer. He offers good tips and advice about Kona Coffee, Blue Mountain Coffee, Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, Arabica Coffee and Coffee Beans. When he's not making delicious brew, you can find him on the web and on Cubico's twitter account exploring coffee's newest and finest trends.