The present day fast-paced and stressful lifestyle of individuals is taking a toll with more people being affected by various illnesses. Today there are more patients with a heart or kidney ailment than there were a decade ago. While the patient list is fast growing, the number of hospitals is not increasing at a similar rate and even if there are the required medical facilities, the high cost of the treatment stands as a deterrent factor.

Medical treatment in another country is therefore, fast catching up. The concept is termed as medical tourism and it refers to the private medical care provided for overseas patients in a cost-effective manner. Globalization has made the world a smaller place and people are traveling to other countries for getting treatment for their medical problems. India is fast developing as a haven for medical treatment as not only is the quality of healthcare in India at par with that of the US and countries of the EU but also because the treatment in India is available at a fraction of the cost as compared to the western countries.

Getting Medical Treatment India is fast gaining prominence due to the fact that the costs of any medical procedure in India is far less than what it is in the European countries and the US. While a heart surgery costs $30,000 in the US, it is available in India just for $6,000. Similarly, a bone marrow transplant in India costs around $26,000 while the same costs more than $250,000 in the US. With such striking differences in the cost of the medical procedures, India does seem to be a favorable option for getting the treatment. However, the question of quality of healthcare still remains.

The Indian healthcare industry has seen tremendous growth over the past few years owing to government intervention and the establishment of super-specialty chain of hospitals by private players. These hospitals are established and operated at standards which conform to the international health and quality standards with respect to care, ambience and patient support. Highly skilled and trained doctors and surgeons are employed by the super-specialty hospitals ensuring proper care, evaluation and solution to the medical problem.

Getting Medical Treatment India is no more a challenging task as there are a number of public and private medical consultants that facilitate the entire procedure. Right from making the travel bookings to the arrangement of consultation with the required doctor or surgeon and to the stay in the hospital after the surgery, the medical tourism providers take care of everything. Along with this, they even offer vacation or rejuvenation packages at some of the best holiday destinations in India. This serves a dual purpose of getting quality medical treatment at a fraction of the cost while also experiencing the rich cultural heritage of India.

Indian Health Guru Consultants is a leading medical tourism provider in India. It facilitates online consultation, appointment and treatment from the best hospitals in India. Professionalism at work with compassion for the patients is the forte of the company. This is the reason that the company has been able to successfully conduct several medical tours for overseas patients. It is associated with not only the best hospitals and doctors but also with hotels and spas to provide a speedy recovery and vacation to the patients.

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