The world is not a very safe place to live in any more. Society is changing. People are changing. Intolerance is creeping in. We are becoming cleverer but losing our minds. Fellow feeling is vanishing gradually, albeit the exceptions.

Greed and self-centeredness are overpowering the sense of humanity. A number of people with the intention to inflict physical and mental harm are growing in numbers. Animal instincts in human beings are getting the better of their normal humane senses.

The headlines of newspapers are the reflections of this changing society. Under the circumstance, every individual, more so the children and the young adults need to be mentally and physically fit. They must have the power of overcoming any threat all by themselves without taking any help from any quarter.

This is where the mixed martial arts training is so critical in today’s context. It makes an individual extremely tough – mentally and physically. It is all about learning a few techniques of self-defence, which will protect the individual from any external physical threat. The mental strength that it provides helps the trainees to fight the adverse conditions and survive with flying colours.

Here are the details, which will tell why mixed martial arts is training so very important in today’s context.

It helps to build self-confidence

Mixed martial arts helps the development of self-confidence. It is not because by undertaking mixed martial arts training in Kolkata an individual is well trained in self-defence techniques. It’s not because by taking the training people to become physically robust enough to take on any aggressor.

It is because the training imparts certain techniques to face challenging situations with enough vigour and stubbornness. It makes the mental setup of the trainees strong enough so that they do not wilt under any pressure whatsoever. It helps to concentrate and focus on goals and objectives and to perform under pressure.


Discipline is another key quality that a mixed martial arts trainee develops. The strict schedule that the trainees need to follow during the training automatically makes them highly disciplined. They learn how to streamline activities like sleeping, having the right food, maintaining health.

It helps them keep away from addictions like smoking and drinking, vices like watching television or using smartphones for long. It helps them to control their emotions as well as impulses. It teaches them how not to talk too much and think more. More thinking helps in introspection, which in turn helps in setting goals and to find ways to achieve them.

It teaches self-defence techniques

Mixed Martial arts is all about specific unique self-defence techniques that come in handy in certain situations. This is particularly important for women, thanks to growing crime against women in Kolkata like the rest of the country. It is the main reason why there has been a sudden spurt of ladies gym in Kolkata. It teaches them how to take on the miscreants singlehandedly, even when they are armed and multiple in numbers.

Setting goals

Mixed martial arts follow a belt ranking structure. That means, depending upon the performance and improvement of skills, the trainees are awarded better ranks or belts. This encourages a white belter (the lowest rank) to achieve black belt ranking (the highest ranked). Naturally, this helps the trainees set goals for themselves and achieve it.

All these qualities cohesively help in the making up of a complete and quality human being that the society is in dire need of, today. Also, the sense or value of respect that it teaches makes these people more responsible to the society. Thus, it contributes immensely to the building of a healthy society.

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The author is one of the most experienced mixed martial arts trainers in Kolkata today. The author was associated with a ladies gym in Kolkata, and at present, he is an instruction of an institute that gives mixed martial arts training in Kolkata. He is also a regular blogger.