Why Is My Ex So Angry Towards Me: Why Is My Ex So Mean and Rude To Me

If you've just been dumped by your ex, you're probably certain that things couldn't get any worse. But, in fact, they can get a lot worse. How? Well, you can choose to take the path that most people do and start harassing your ex with phone calls and text messages, in hopes that you'll be able to convince them to change their mind.

But have you ever known anyone to have success with this tactic? Strangely enough, we know in the back of our minds that we are actually causing more damage, yet we are strangely drawn to this behavior. Who said emotion had anything to do with logic?

Simply put, these tactics reek of desperation. And it doesn't matter who you are - no one looks good when they're desperate.

And speaking of looking good - isn't that your ultimate goal? So why would you waste the only chance you'll ever have to make an impression by resorting to such tactics?

Your goal at the moment should be to create attraction. Though you may think your ex will understand the stress you're going through, the only response you're likely to get after the hundredth phone call is pity. They are going to feel sorry for you, and they may feel a little guilty for dumping you, but that is a long way from feeling any attraction towards you.

The only way you'll have any chance at all is if you immediately stop what you're doing. Just stop it this very minute. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try to focus your attention away from your ex. This is going to take courage, but it's something you can, and must, do.

Next, you need to show confidence and self-esteem whenever you're around your ex. You can't let them know how badly you want to get back together. You have to refrain from making any reference to the relationship. In short, you need to play it cool.

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Many who have gone through the heartbreak due to failed relationships are crying out for help to get their ex back. If you are really serious about getting your man/woman back into your life, follow these tips.

Take responsibility

Even though you know that it is never one person's fault but it takes two to clap, you could have come down real hard on your ex, blaming him/her for the failed relationship. It is time to face facts and take responsibility. Agree to make right and correct the wrongs and you are a step closer to reconciliation.

Talk it over

You will save a lot of time and effort if you can get the chance to talk things over and clear the air. This will help you to acknowledge your hand in the break up as well and be forgiving towards your ex. This type of attitude will impress your ex.

Start taking care of your body

One tends to allow things to slide and get lazy about appearances etc after a while. If you have been lethargic and careless about your figure and looks, it is no wonder that your ex lost interest in you. Start taking care of your body and upgrade your looks and personality to such a point that it should make your ex gasp in surprise.

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Be a new creation

Once you have got your looks and personality under control and have come across as a smart, sexy and attractive person, it is important to let your ex see that you have made other changes as well. Get them to notice a change in your attitude, your behavior and your character.

Get busy in different activities

Show your ex that you are not going to mope around feeling dejected and full of self pity. Instead show them that you are busy having the time of your life. Widen your friends circle and become popular with friends. This new surge of activity and popularity will make your ex feel a little jealous and they will want to be a part of your new life.

Get him/her to remember

Send your ex a card or a letter once in a while (especially on his/her birthday) to show them that you still remember. This will also help you to keep in touch with your ex. A telephone call just to find out if your ex is fine will show them that you are concerned about them.

Go away for a while

Go away from the social scene for a while and stop all contact with your ex. He/she will wonder where you are and will begin to miss you automatically. A picture postcard with a little note stating that you are having a whale of a time will make your ex envious and will want you back.

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Being alone and separated from a loved one isn't something that should be allowed to continue for too long. It isn't an easy thing in the least to be in this kind of situation at all. But you can end up making your ex come back to you.

There are certain steps you will however need to take that will help you grab what belongs to you at the end of the day. These steps are so reliable that they are capable of bringing your ex back to you before you know what is happening.

The first thing you will need to do is to keep your peace. Stop crying at your ex's feet and start learning to live alone for now. During this period, your ex will be able to calm down and probably have a rethink over their decision to walk out on you.

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But while your ex is being repentant, you will need to take certain steps to help you become a better person. This is the time for you to pick yourself up and get moving. Try to bring out the best out of your life as a person. Work on your weak points and try to overcome them. As you are working to conquer your weak points, you should also work towards strengthening your strong points.

With time, you will be able to bring out all your glamour and glory as a person. In no time, you can be sure that your ex will get to hear of the changes in our life. You know what? They will want to come and check out whether you are still very available. You shouldn't be so willing to show them how much you want them back. Make them sweat it out some.

By doing this, you will be able to make them actually realize what they are missing by breaking up with you. Let them drink in your grace and splendor. Once you make up your mind to have them back, they will never want to part from you again for any reason under heaven.

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Step #2: Change - speaking of change, its exactly what you need to do. Get an ego, raise your standards and go on with life! This will literally make your ex want you back, simply because you are no longer desperate. When your raise your standards and act like your ex is not good enough for you, he/she will feel rejected and will instantly try to prove you wrong.

Step #3: Add people to your profiles - Add as many people as you can to your online profiles, because this will drive your ex crazy. At the end of the day, your ex will think that you are moving on too fast, and this will scare your ex into thinking that you are dating again. This will result in your ex being extremely nosy into your life, and he/she will feel a constant need to know everything that you are doing at every second of the day.

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