Why Is My Ex So Angry When He Broke Up With Me: Why Is My Ex So Angry When He Left Me

Your ex broke up with you, and that sent a chilling message that everything is over. Though you may not agree, your ex has forced you to by leaving you. But does that really mean that everything is through, and does it truly mean that you can't get your ex back?

No, it does not. Here's why a breakup is never final:

Breakups Are Just Reactions - Breakups are negative reactions to negative behaviors. Typical negative behaviors in a relationship are arguing, miscommunications, blame games, chastising, lying etc... When a person breaks up with you, it's because they are having an emotional overload, which they do not know how to handle.

They believe it is being caused by you, since everything occurs around you, thus they cut you out of their life in an attempt to relieve themselves. What happens with time, however, is your ex cools down, and then he/she starts to think of the good times you spent together, because now their mind is not being clouded with problems.

During this period, your ex will miss you, and will start to think that the break up was harsh, because they simply acted under pressure, and under their emotions in the moment. Remember that emotions are never permanent. You cannot feel angry forever or happy forever. Thus, your ex cannot feel the way they did when they broke up with you forever, and that feeling will fade.

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Breakups Are Secret Ultimatums - Your ex has probably told you time and time again to change. You have probably tried time and time again to change, but have failed or the change did not stick. Thus, when your ex sees that you are not trying hard enough, they start to lose hope, and see a breakup as a way out.

They then break up with you, as an ultimatum, as a way to force you to change and become better. Your ex may even ignore you and cut off contact after a break up as well, because they want nothing to do with you, until you change. Clearly, you affect your ex enough to care about you changing, which is why the break up; once again; cannot be permanent.

Your ex just wants to see you change, because they want to be with you. Remember that a person who breaks up with you doesn't necessarily hate you, but it could be quite the opposite, they could simply hate seeing you not try harder; thus if you make attempts to change you could quite possibly win your ex back.

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If you've just gone through a breakup with your significant other, you probably want to know how to tell if your ex still has feelings for you. Knowing this can go a long way if you want to get your ex back. Let's look at seven ways for you to be able to know if your ex still wants you in his/her life.

1. He/she still calls you frequently. This should be an obvious sign that your ex still has feelings for you and that you would have no problem if you want to pull your ex back.

2. He/she still tries to have physical contact with you. If your ex still want to hold hands with you and be extra close, then he/she has not gotten over you and probably still wants to be with you.

3. If your ex still talks about the great times you had together with fondness, then there are still feelings there.

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4. Your ex's friends tell you that he/she still talks about you all the time. Keeping in good standing with your ex's friends is a smart idea if you hope to pull your ex back because these friends will have valuable information that you would be unable to get out of them if you had a bitter breakup.

5. Your ex does not go out with anyone else for a while after your breakup. If he/she does not date anyone else, then it's likely that your ex is still holding out for you, hoping that you will ask him/her out again. If your feelings are mutual, then this is a great time to make the move to get your ex back all to yourself.

6. He/she will become jealous when you talk about others of the opposite sex. If your ex still likes you, he/she will start to wonder if you're interested in someone else and will become afraid of losing you for good.

7. Just be straight forward and ask if he/she still has feelings for you. If you want to get your ex back, this direct approach may be the easiest way to go.

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There is no doubt that you are experiencing a lot of heartache and hurt on account of the break up. It is important that you get rid of all negative feelings before you can even think of getting your ex back. Here are some helpful hints and tips that will help you say the right things in order to win back your ex.

Say nothing for a while

Right after the break up your feelings are too raw and you are hurting too much. This might cause you to say all the wrong things to your ex. It is best to say nothing at all and stay away from your ex. Give your ex time to get over the pain and bitterness. Concentrate on building your self esteem instead.

Say you're sorry!

This could be the hardest thing you ever have to do in your life! If you apologize to your ex, they are going to be surprised and touched to the core. Acknowledge your faults and tell your ex that you are sorry for the strife you caused. It is a big step towards getting your ex back.

"It's okay!"

It is going to be hard to tell your ex that the break up is okay when actually you feel like dying inside! If you could pretend and tell your ex that it's okay because you want to respect your ex's wishes and desires at present, then do it. It will make your ex surprised to see you react in this way.

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Tell your ex that you are prepared to cooperate

This is going to astound your ex. Just when your ex is expecting you to beg and plead - you should surprise them by doing the opposite and cooperating with them. It will also tell your ex that you have taken a mature stand and have proved to be self confident.

Let's talk it over

This is one of the best ways to clear the air between your ex and you. It is obvious that you have to talk at some time. When you feel the timing's right, speak with your ex and ask them over to have a talk. Do this is a calm and rational manner. Encourage your ex to discuss what went wrong without getting too emotional.

We can still be friends

A cool way of staying in touch with your ex is making friends with them after the breakup. Telling your ex that you don't mind still being friends shows that you are ready to move on and perhaps date someone else. This will make your ex afraid of losing you forever.

I still care

Of course you could wear your heart on your sleeve and tell your ex that you still care very deeply. Show your ex that you are willing to make the necessary changes and do your best to make the relationship a huge success if given a second chance.

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It's never a good feeling when your boyfriend decides to break up with you. Despite the fact that deep within your heart you still love your ex boyfriend, you have to accept the fact that getting back your ex boyfriend is not going to be easy.

These days you can find a manual of instructions to fix anything, but unfortunately no such guide book exists that explains how to fix a broken relationship. However, you can adopt five handy guidelines to improve your chances of getting back your ex boyfriend.

- Get in a positive mind-frame

In order to achieve positive you have to think positive. Despite the fact that the situation looks grim, you have to do away with all negative thoughts. You have to see that the glass is half full rather than seeing the opposite. Even if you ex has broken up with you, at least he hasn't started seeing someone else, so you have every reason to try.

- Don't think of yourself as a victim

If you think that your ex has been cruel in parting ways with you and that you've been treated unfairly in the whole episode, then this is not going to help much. Rather than feeling helpless, you need to get active.

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- Prepare for a tough task

Getting back your ex boyfriend isn't going to be a walk in the park, so you need to prepare mentally for a tough battle against your emotions.

- Acknowledge previous problems

Your boyfriend called off his relationship with you, because something was going wrong somewhere. Denying this fact will only make matters worse. So you need to leave your previous relationship behind and start a new one from scratch.

- Never push too hard

You should try your best to control your frustration as sometimes in desperation you can make some bad mistakes. For instance, getting back your ex boyfriend by stalking him or bothering him with regular phone calls can actually do some permanent damage. Such attitude on your part will convince your ex into leaving you for good.

If you adopt these simple rules, and play your hand smart, your ex boyfriend will be in your company in no time. All you have to do is to possibly reinvent your appearance and play the waiting game. Sooner or later your ex boyfriend will start longing for you and will come back to you.

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