When your training session turns into a chanting exercise about keeping your abs in, you might be wondering why your personal trainer is getting so bent out of shape. The answer is complex, but understanding it is essential to knowing how to get the most out of your body.

What the abs do in the body?
The abdominals do more than make us look attractive and in shape, they are one of the most essential muscle groups for living. The abs extend down the fronts of the chest cavity and around the sides to the back. They are the net that holds our core in place. A 'net' in the sense that they hold our organs in place and allow our bones to function well. Abs also protect the spine from undue stress and movement that could cause injury. When people talk about their core, they are talking about their abs. The core is what is needed for power, strength, balance and good breathing. Don't forget that your lungs work most efficiently when the abdominals can assist as well.

Why keeping them in also helps to strength the ab muscle?
By keeping your abs in when you do certain exercises you are maximizing the efficiency of your body and working out your ab muscles at the same time. Ab specific exercises are good for toning and building that muscle, but to get the ab muscle to work in conjunction with motion you have to actively engage it in the exercise. Holding your abs in also allows for easier breath management. One thing you should ask in your personal trainer Bronx is how to develop better self-awareness of your ab muscles.

Self-awareness and the abs
Your posture throughout the day can often determine the workout you will have. Focusing on your posture can also help to build an awareness of how you are moving (or not) your abdominal muscles. You don't have to suck them in so it’s an effort, but consciously holding your abs with some tension will increase their musculature, and improve your posture too. That posture will prevent back and hip pain, reduce fatigue and allow you to get much more out of life. Talk to your NYC Personal Trainer about different things you can do to check yourself, and your abs, throughout the day to start to build this good habit.

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Glenn Dickstein is the founder of NeighborhoodTrainers and shared important tips during exercise.