With the government of India literally spreading out the red carpet for NRIs, in the form of lucrative schemes and a plethora of benefits, there has been a sharp increase in the number of NRIs investing in the Indian real estate sector. The falling value of the Rupee has also made investing in India a more profitable and lucrative option. In particular, there has been a massive demand for commercial office space from the Indian expat community. Investments in commercial real estate for saleare considered safer and more revenue generative than most other forms of investment. It is hence no surprise that both domestic and expat investors are making a beeline for commercial properties. However, merely investing in a commercial property does not guarantee high returns and safety. You need to identify the perfect location and the perfect property to ensure the same. And after considering various parameters that are discussed below, we can safely say that Navi Mumbai is the ideal location for NRIs looking to invest in a commercial property.

Perfect location from a logistical standpoint
Navi Mumbai is one of the few cities that do not suffer from logistical nightmares. The city is located close to major highways. The proposed Navi Mumbai International Airport would only further the case even more. The railway and metro network, work on which has already started, would further ease out all remaining transportation issues. For NRIs, finding a property close to the airport, such as Vishwa Green Realtors’ Plan S Business Park in Nerul (merely a 20-minute drive from the airport), adds to their convenience.

Well planned city with strong infrastructure
Navi Mumbai is an extremely well-planned city. The city does not suffer from traffic woes of the magnitude of the ones suffered my cities like Mumbai, Delhi, etc. The core infrastructure of the city is pretty strong. Besides, it ranks among the cleanest cities in India, which makes it a city favourable for setting up a business and for inhabitation, which would in turn fuel the demand for commercial office spaces in Nerul, Turbhe, and other nodes of the city to send property prices soaring through the roof.

Affordable property prices
As of this moment, the prices for a commercial property in Navi Mumbai are quite affordable. The city has not yet been inhabited to its full potential. Businesses are migrating to this city from cities such as Mumbai on account of the lower commercial property prices. You can get a quality commercial property in Nerul, in Vishwa Green Realtors’ Plan S Business Park, for an amount as low as Rs. 50 lakhs. It would only be a dream if you could find such properties at such prices in Mumbai and other metro cities.

High ROI assured due to a booming rental market
For NRIs, the primary motive to make an investment in a commercial property is to earn a solid and stable rental income from it. And there is no better place to assure that than Navi Mumbai. As a consequence of the influx of businesses here, the rental prices for commercial properties in Navi Mumbai have shot through the roof. And in particular, if you own a commercial property in Turbhe, Nerul, and Vashi, then you are virtually assured of a high rental income. This high rental income and the booming property prices would ensure a high ROI for you.

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The 4 factors discussed here make it abundantly evident that Navi Mumbai is THE destination for NRIs looking for an investment opportunity. Make sure you choose a commercial property in Navi Mumbai such as the Plan S Business Park to ensure that your investment turns out to be a highly successful one.

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