You may have heard about her . . .

Just a freshman in college, Lauren Hill is doing incredible things . . .

She just played in her first NCAA basketball game, scoring 4 points with two uncontested layups . . .

She’s now gracing the front of a Wheaties box . . .

And she’s been handling interviews for national news outlets with the poise and thoughtfulness of a pro.
You’d never guess the amount of pain she’s undergoing every minute

Lauren Hill has a rare form of pediatric brain cancer and has only months to live, according to her doctors.
But Lauren has been able to play basketball through the pain and give interviews even though she’s exhausted. Because she has something invaluable that many of us struggle our whole lives to find . . .
She has purpose.

When asked why she gives interviews even though she’s dog-tired and in pain, Lauren explains there are other children struggling with this form of cancer who can’t speak. So she’s speaking for them, hoping to raise awareness about this incurable disease.

And all her life, Lauren has dreamed of playing college hoops. As long as she can move her body, nothing will keep her off the court.

Lauren’s Gift To All Of Us

Lauren’s bravery offers us perspective. It throws all those complaints and petty annoyances into sharp relief. It helps us take stock of what we have. And it helps us forget about what we don’t have.

This young woman’s unflinching confrontation with death and celebration of life helps us all appreciate the important things in life.

She prompts us to value life itself as a rare gift that we only have a short time to enjoy.

Her story also reminds us that while we need things like food, water, air and health to live, we also need something more. We need purpose. Without purpose, even when we have all the basic necessities, it can be hard to get anything done.

When we have purpose, we can take on huge challenges and go farther than we ever thought possible.

Sun Chlorella’s founder, Hideo Nakayama, faced a similar battle to Lauren’s when he was in his 40’s. He defied all the doctor’s ominous warnings and – with the help of good nutrition and natural medicine - survived to live into his 80’s. He never lost track of how invaluable health is.

He went on to infuse the company he founded with a sense of this appreciation and sense of purpose. His mission was to share the life-giving chlorella that had become an irreplaceable ally in his fight for life with everyone else in the world.

Thank You For Giving Us Purpose And Inspiration

Years later, we continue to try to make sure that this company reflects his hard-won appreciation for good health and life.

Our customers help us do this.

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Rose Straub is Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Sun Chlorella USA. In addition to working to further Sun Chlorella USA’s mission of supporting excellent health, she lives this mission in her personal life. Rose takes full advantage of enjoying California’s beautiful outdoors and learning from its rich community of holistic health practitioners to build a vibrant and healthy life for herself and her family. Rose lives with her husband, Pat, and is both a proud mom and grandmother.