Off page SEO techniques are not simply about links; they refer to methods that you may use for improving your site position on SERP or search engine results page. So, the latest off page SEO techniques 2019 will give you promotion methods beyond site designing which can help you get higher rankings for your website. Smart bloggers or content marketers are going to begin with on page SEO techniques first. But soon afterwards they will use off page SEO techniques 2019 depending on their marketing goals. According to Dr. Pete Meyers, many site owners have been seen to spend nearly 30% of the time they have on their hands on off page SEO techniques.

Why do you need off page SEO techniques?

Off page SEO techniques will tell Google how others view your website. So, when you have many links which point to your web pages, it will be assumed by a search engine that you display good quality content. Without quality content no one is going to waste valuable time linking to the site. It works similar to a word-of-mouth referral from existing customers for a brick and mortar store. Understanding SEO is not easy, but if you can learn how on page and off SEO methods, you can easily stay ahead of your competitors.

How is off page SEO different from on page SEO?

On page SEO will take place within a website. Off page SEO takes place outside the website. When you write guest posts for some blog or if you comment on it, you engage in off page promotion. This is needed to ensure higher rankings for your website. It is a tried and tested method by which search engines like Google will get an authority indication that your content is relevant and valuable for your readers. When this starts to pick up there are positive results like online branding, wider audience reach, increased social traffic and referral traffic, higher domain authority, higher search engine rankings.

What are the key benefits of off page SEO?

1- SERP will show an increase in your site rankings when you engage in off page search engine optimization techniques. These results actually show how high your website has been ranked and the higher the rank; the greater are the number of viewers. Chances of your site showing up on user searches will also go up and this increases chances of people clicking on links to go to your site.

2- Secondly, off page SEO will also help to promote your Page Rank. This is not the same as site ranking. Page Rank refers to a numeric measure that Google gives every web page on the site depending on the quality of links and number of links to a page. So, Page Rank is only one of many factors affecting a site’s SERP ranks.

3- Finally, off page SEO will help to enhance your site’s exposure. This is obviously your first priority because this will increase chances of more visitors coming to your website.

Off page SEO may be divided into many parts like social media activities, link building, branding, email outreaching, blogging, influence marketing etc. These will help Google understand how enriched your blogs are. So, off page SEO is a key ranking factor, something that shows Google how credible and trustworthy your website is.

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