Previously I spoke about the logistics of a wedding and the importance of access etc. Considering we can now accommodate all types of transport and there is adequate room for all vehicles we must now consider the people themselves. All these vehicles means a large number of drivers at a wedding. Let’s face it it’s a wedding and everyone’s wants to raise a toast or three for the health and happiness of the happy couple. Therefore another issue arises. Drink driving is not an option so what now, how would the guests get home safely? Well the ideal scenario would be for the venue to offer hotel facilities too. This would then remove the stresses and worry for guests well being on their journey home. Obviously this is your big day and therefore the class of the hotel needs to compliment the venue itself. But at the same time be at a cost that is acceptable to all.

Great so now the venue and hotel is completed it’s now time to see if the food measures up to the venue or whether you feel this would leave you disappointed and should you choose to go for an outside caterer for the day? As previous searches indicate when browsing and looking for wedding venues North Wales wedding venues North Wales and wedding venues Chester wedding venues Chester, this will also provide information on dining on the day. Again as stated previously these venues often cater for all aspects of the day in which case it would be wise that once you have your heart set on a venue that suits all then it would be wise to request a menu that you may select and also to sample their food. Therefore the next ideal step would be to tick the dining box as sorted. You may be lucky enough to find a venue that offers fine dining as part and parcel of the venue. Otherwise it may be wise to search for outside caterers, but do be sure to get samples of food and also check up on their references and testimonials, remember this is your big day and you do not want anything to spoil it.

So to recap, venue, logistics, accommodation and now food dealt with. Next would be to check the demographics of the guests. Are there going to be a lot of children present? If so then the venue needs to be large enough to accommodate these little ones with bundles of energy, maybe also check to see if there is plenty of room externally. If the weather is due to be sunny then perhaps hire a bouncy castle and children’s entertainers to keep them amused. As for the entertainment for the Bride and Groom, that would boil down to the taste of the happy couple.

Other bits would include the cake, the chef or caterer can accommodate this too. Ensuring there is plenty of room, good food, good flowing wine and entertainment followed by a restful night’s sleep to recuperate from the previous day’s event to ensure a safe journey the following day. This would ensure everyone is left having had a memorable time helping to commemorate the happy couples’ special day.

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