Worsted wool pool table cloth.

Worsted wool pool table cloth is the best pool table cloth and is not a “felt fabric” — the wool raw material goes through a yarn spinning process, then weaving the fabric by the weaving machines which eliminates the pilling or fuzziness on the surface. Unitex is one of the best worsted wool pool table cloth manufacturers in China.

Woolen Cloth Vs Worsted Wool billiard cloth

When selecting a pool table cloth, it is very necessory to know the type of material you are going to buy. The wool billiard cloth manufacturers give you some tips as below which maybe of a help for your wool table cloth purchasing process.

Q: What Type of Cloth material Is on a Standard Pool Table?

The wool billiard cloth manufacturers use different wool material to make the different quality wool pool table cloth as per customers’ requirements. 100% wool, 80% wool/20%nylon, 50%wool/50%polyester and etc is normal proportion for raw material fiber of making the wool billiard felts.

Q: What Is Woolen pool table Cloth?

The most common type of pool table felt is woolen cloth. It is a thick, heavy type of raw material with low percentage wool or Zero wool percentage. . Most billard cloth versions contain 0 percent wool inside . This kind of felt fiber is chemical fiber which people could recognize. This type of billard cloth is low cost and very cheap.This is a common pool table cloth material and designed for low grade pool table.Pilling is the main problem for this kind cloth material.Fuzzor furry bitts is the main concern as well. Woolen cloth’s weight and quality decide so much of the ball moving speed.That’s why worsted wool table cloth is more popular and like by the wool billard cloth manufacturers.

Q: What Is Worsted Wool pool table cloth?

When you touch worsted wool table cloth, it feels very soft. It does not feel like a chemical felt material at all. It feels like a fine woven professional suit fabric . Yarn spinning and weaving process get rid of the pilling or fuzz almost completely. Since the wool billard cloth manufacturers have to do the yarnning spin and weaving process, The cost of the wool pool table cloth is more expensive in retailing or wholesale.

Worsted wool pool table cloth is found on most professional tables. It is also known as the speed cloth as well because of balls moving faster as there is no nap,fuzz or less pilling on the upper side of the worsted wool pool table cloth. For professional players and major tournaments, worsted wool pool table cloth is the only choice.

Sometimes, speed wool billiard cloth is a term used to describe the worsted wool pool table cloth. It is simply worsted cloth at all. It gets this name from its ability to allow the ball to roll faster on it as compared to traditional woolen pool table cloth.

WHY is Unitex the best worsted wool pool table cloth manufacturer?

1. What billiard cloth materials is Unitex using?

—Unitex use the merine wool material from Australia which guarrantee the worsted wool table cloth quality.

2. Could customer custom make the wool billard felt or wool pool table cloth with Unitex?
—Sure, Unitex could custom make the colors or fabic quality as per customer instructions.

3,How many years have Unitex been a famous wool billiard cloth manufacturer in China?

—-It is over 20 years since Unitex started making this wool pool table cloth. Unitex is one of the most experienced worsted wool billiard cloth manufacturers in China.

4,Does Unitex do the wholesale?

——–yes, Unitex manufacture the worsted wool pool table cloth all the year.As one of the most experienced wool billiard cloth suppliers,we keep a lot of wool billiard cloth stocks as well. We could provide the worsted wool pool table cloth color cards for your choice if need.Unitex is a professional wool billiard cloth supplier who provide wholesale service as well.

Anyway, Unitex is one of the best wool billard cloth manufacturers in this business. If you need a worsted wool billiard cloth manufacturer partner or wholesale resource, just contact them for catalogues and production infomations.

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