It is by far the most popular sought after option for creating a website. It now powers the majority of the websites on the internet. It is equally sought after by both bloggers and professionals looking to generate more traffic to their website and increase sales and income. Wordpress rightfully gained the popularity of the increasing amount of customizing options and themes it offers to its users.

You can change the themes and the whole look and feel of your website if you feel like. You can make it suit your mood if it’s a personal website for blogging or you can make it look more stylish and professional if it is supposed to be an e-commerce site. It offers various plugins and widgets which are a joy to the customers! You can add Good reads to your website to show the books you have read and liked, other than the social media options, which are obviously a given, you can add RSS feeds and many other such widgets. For plugins, again you have a number of options to choose from, if you want to discuss on the comment section on your website, you can have that too!

If you run into any trouble or error, the WordPress community is very helpful and prompt with their replies to provide solutions to your problems. If you are too impatient to wait around for replies, you will be glad to know there are thousands of website dedicated to providing solutions to problems faced by a majority of the WordPress users. Once you Google the solution you are looking for, you will find thousands of articles floating over on the internet for troubleshooting WordPress errors. Alternatively, you can go to forums or the QnA sites to look for specific answers, like you can go over to the Reddit and quora! The community members are helpful and prompt with their replies. If you cannot solve the issue by yourself, you should probably ask a WordPress wizard to have a look at it.

Wordpress is the software, content managing software, and like every other software out there, it is bound to have its own share of bugs and glitches. No software can be free of bugs and glitches. It is impossible. You will be missing out on one of the best CMS and the features it offers if you decide not to go for the WordPress as your choice of CMS. There’s a reason why it is extremely sought after even if it has some of the most frustratingly annoying errors. People are willing to troubleshoot for hours but have the best CMS run their website.

If you are still on the fence, and cannot decide, you can choose to create a free WordPress website and see how it works. Take a tour of the admin and the backend and only if you are satisfied then take the plunge. But, the free website that you create on the website will not have many of the features it offers on the paid ones like you won’t have the website address of your choice.

The address will be something huge with the ‘WordPress’ attached to it. To remove the ‘WordPress’ attached to it; you will need to upgrade it first. You can choose to upgrade to the package depending on your site’s needs.

The Most Frustrating Wordpress Errors

You saw it coming; with the countless awesome features that it offers there is bound to be an ugly side. Well, the ugly side comes in the form of errors, some of which is a piece of cake and can be easily fixed and others might take hours of troubleshooting before you get a lead and rejoice.

Here are some of the most annoying and frustrating WordPress errors encountered by every WordPress user. So gear up and be ready for countless hours of troubleshooting and refrain from tearing your hair or scratching your head and crying out of frustration. Every member of the WordPress community has been through that but has persevered!

403 Forbidden Error – You may see a ‘403 forbidden error’ or ‘access denied’ on the screen when trying to login to your WordPress website or visiting a page or even when installing WordPress. It caused by either incorrect file permissions or plugins which are not properly coded or server configuration which has been configured in a way to stop you from accessing it.

The Death White Screen– When a WordPress user gets this error; he often thinks he is doomed hence the term ‘White screen of death’. You only see a white blank screen with no error message on either your whole website or only a part of it. If it happens to all of your websites, then the web host server is the matter that’s causing it, but if it affects only one of your website, then it is either a poorly coded plugin or the theme or exhaustive memory limit that’s causing it.

It locks you out of the admin panel and with no way of accessing it and having no leads; you will have to do lots of the troubleshooting to find out the cause of the error. Since it does not display any kind of error message, it is said to be most frustrating error a WordPress user can ever encounter.

Error Establishing Database Connection –This error is usually caused by mistake in database credentials or when changes are made to database login identification like a change in database host, database password otherwise username. Other caused might be an unresponsive server, but if you are really down on your luck, then it is corrupted database which is causing the issue.

This error might be a little trickier to fix for a beginner, but it is no less frustrating than the white screen of death. If you are a beginner, fret now offers several in-depth articles on WordPress errors and how to fix them.

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