A tranquilizing indica, Zombie Kush is known for its clean, fresh and earthy taste. It has green and purple leaves, with unmistakable red hairs, and a strong smell of skunk. Its smoke is clean and light, and puts its users at great ease. Best used at night, this strain will make you feel like an zombie with its sedative qualities. The parent strains of Zombie Kush are Lavender, Bubba Kush and Amnesia. It is 80 percent indica-dominant.

If you want a relaxing and calming strain, Zombie Kush is one of the best choices out there. This plant makes for an excellent soothing medical strain and is widely used to treat many chronic conditions. Zombie Kush is very effective in treating stress, anxiety, depression and other mood related issues. At the same time, it is relaxing and uplifting.

Zombie Kush for Stress Management

Zombie Kush is a useful medical strain favored by many doctors. It is a recommended treatment for chronic stress disorders, and makes cannabis patients feel more clearheaded and relaxed, allowing them to make decisions without feeling stressed or panicked. Patients with chronic depression can also benefit from regularly using this strain because of its ability to uplift the mood and reduce depressive symptoms.

Aside from this, Zombie Kush is also ideal for the treatment of sleeping difficulties like insomnia. Consuming this strain can make the user sleepy overtime, especially when taken in higher doses. This strain is also effective in treating chronic pain, including migraines, joint inflammation and back aches. Patients who lack appetite can use the Zombie Kush to regain it, allowing them to consume food without feeling nauseous.

Known Information about Zombie Kush

Zombie Kush is effective in inducing a good vibe, causing users to feel happier when they start their day. This strain is favored by musicians and artists for the inspiration it gives in terms of creativity. Known for the total relaxation that it induces, this indica-dominant plant will make you feel calm. It is best enjoyed with good company, surrounded with people who are looking to just chill without any particular agenda.

Pungent and strong smelling, Zombie Kush will fil the room with its aroma immediately. It has a woody and earthy smell, which adds to the total invigorating smoking experience. When it comes to taste, its pungent flavor dominates its overall personality. The strain tastes like pine and sage when inhaled without a sweet and woody aftertaste once exhaled that will leave the tongue feeling sweet and sticky.

Adverse Reactions
With THC levels reaching up to 18 percent, its side effects should only affect less experienced smokers. They can feel dehydrated, with their mouth feeling parched and dry after smoking. The eyes can also feel itchy and watery, sometimes accompanied with mild headache. Zombie Kush can make the user feel slightly anxious and dizzy, although these should not last very long.

Zombie Kush grows into a medium-sized plant, taking an average amount of time to finish flowering. The strain is very resistant to common mildew and molds, and other standard diseases. When it comes to flowering, Zombie Kush grown indoors can yield about 16 ounces per square meter after about 9 weeks of flowering. Those that are grown outdoors, on the other hand, yields about 19 ounces per plant on average.

Indeed, Zombie Kush is one of the most popular cannabis strains in the market today. Great for both recreational and medical use, this strain offers numerous benefits that will come in handy with the hectic lifestyles of today. If you plan on using it to get relief from stress, it is best to first consult your doctor to know if this is the right strain for you.

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