Corporate governance is a system of policies, processes, and rules to direct, control, and manage a company.  It is hence crucial for organisations to achieve their proposed objectives quickly and smoothly. Normally, the company’s board of directors i.e., the top-tier management, is responsible for deciding the policies and strategies of corporate governance. It is also essential to maintain the relationships of the organisation with partners, executives, customers, distributors, regulatory bodies, and any other interested parties.  Adhering to this concept, effective corporate governance must be ensured to facilitate operations, deliver products/services faster, and maintain strong relationships with the interested parties. ISO certification standards for management systems are a great tool for corporate governance. The following section of this article sheds some light on the key ISO standards that can help businesses to improve their corporate governance.

Use of ISO Certifications as Strategic Tools for Corporate Governance

ISO 9001 Standard

This is the most widespread standard that applies to all types of businesses. Being the popular standard for a Quality Management System (QMS), it integrates with your core business management and helps to focus on meeting customer expectations. The other key focus areas of this standard are risk assessment, improvement of operational efficiency, ensuring leadership and participation of employees, effective resources management, continuous monitoring of processes, and identifying areas to make improvements. No doubt, all these aspects together can strengthen the corporate governance of your business and make its performance better than ever.

ISO 27001 Standard

A significant concern for businesses today is information security. Corporate governance hence comprises practices for information and data security so that the vital information assets of the company are always kept safe. The ISO 27001 certification helps organisations to sincerely assure the security of their sensitive information with the implementation of a feasible ISMS (Information Security Management System). The standard provides specific requirements for introducing strong security controls and management practices to prevent potential security risks. Hence, by implementing the ISO 27001 standard, you can bring substantial improvement in your corporate governance.

ISO 55001 Standard

This ISO standard is also a vital tool for corporate governance because it aims at managing all the assets or resources of your organisation so that they perform efficiently and give the expected returns to your business. The ISO 55001 standard provides the requirements for developing a robust asset management system in the organisation with which you can track your assets and manage them throughout their lifecycle. The standard hence helps your organisation to continuously assess the assets, identify and mitigate risks, optimise the assets’ functions, and yield higher returns from them.  Implementing this standard assists in enhancing your corporate governance by ensuring effective management of the vital assets which include everything including infrastructure, equipment, raw materials, inventory, and employees.


These are only a few of theISO certification standards that help with corporate governance. There are many more including ISO 14001, ISO 45001m and ISO 31000 which can help to focus on different crucial aspects such as environmental management, workplace safety management, and risk management. Whichever standard or standards you implement, they will certainly help to strengthen your corporate governance and bring resilience, sustainability, efficiency, and complianceto your business.

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