How much luck can one have? First-of-all: Fifty Shades of Grey is lauded as if it were the Harry Potter of smut and it is not. (Harry Potter smut isn’t even the Harry Potter of smut). Then, the books sell like they cure cancer. (They don’t - I mean they don’t cause cancer like the sound of Windmills, but they also don’t cure anything.)

Not because they are amazing fiction but because they have racy parts in them. Not all throughout like my own smut but in quick little teases and knee-squeezing nervous fits. E L James makes us pay to experience the Red Room because she never got to see Edward and Bella do it. (Please tell me that I am not the first to inform you that Fifty Shades of Grey is just Twilight FanFic by a non-Mormon author).

Then she sells the movie rights and the guy that Hollywood gets to play Christian Grey is Jamie Dornan. Honestly, this movie series should have killed the books’ staggering popularity. It took a whole team of people to try and save the movie project from the trash bin.

Even the screenwriter of Fifty Shades of Grey HAS NEVER SEEN THE MOVIE because her plan was to take the sexy story and divorce it from James’ clunky dialogue but the author would not sign off on the movie without studio approval.

But reading Fifty Shades of Grey is honestly a little bit bland. You read right: bland. The characters play their little teasing game interlaced with hot nights of sexy romance but in the end, neither Christian nor Anastasia is really made better for the experience. Neither of them grows. And that sucks.

But Jamie Dornan is hot. The confidence that he brings to the role saves the movie - not the role but the whole movie! That’s why he is able to take the subpar dialogue of Christian Grey and make it palatable. Consider lines like ““We aim to please, Miss Steele” and "It's been nice knowing me, has it?" Christian Grey is weird and not hot. But honestly, Jamie Dornan can make the whole world change its panties if he unbuttons his shirt and reads the phone book.

Dakota Johnson is also in the movie. So there’s that. Honestly, she is a gorgeous bombshell. And she is a terrific actor! It would take a lot to make her seem to not be hot in the movies.

They manage it, though. Especially by putting her next to Dornan.

Trust me: there are books dirtier than Fifty Shades of Grey. I have listed everything fit to read after 50 Shades on my website at

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Misty Jhones