The rise of Korean fried chicken has many people baffled, but it is for good reason. Korean fried chicken is known for its juicy, tender meat that’s marinated in a savoury mixture and then coated in panko breadcrumbs to achieve an ultra crisp exterior. The result? Juicy meat that’s so tender you can cut it with a fork—and that's what we're seeing more and more of these days! Here’s everything you need to know about the sudden explosion of k-chicken all over North America and especially in Canada.

What is Korean Fried Chicken?

Korean fried chicken is a type of chicken that’s marinated in a savoury mixture then coated in panko breadcrumbs to achieve an ultra crisp exterior. Korean fried chicken can be found in Korean restaurants and grocery stores, but it is also an incredibly popular dish eaten at home in Korea. The Korean fried chicken trend has interested a lot of people around the world, but there are a few things people need to know before trying it out themselves.

Korean fried chicken is different from other types of fried chicken. For example, it is not breaded, so you don’t have the typical bread crumb topping. It is also a little spicier than other types of fried chicken. In Korea, you’ll also find different types of Korean fried chicken that are often prepared for specific events and occasions. For example, you might see Korean fried chicken with a decorative coating made of sesame seeds, peanuts or shredded seaweed. These special fried chicken varieties are often eaten on special occasions or during Korean holidays.

Moreover, the Korean fried chicken also has variation in many dishessuch as galbijjim, gimbap, or yangnyeom. Galbi jjim is a very generic term used to describe Korean fried chicken. You’ll also hear it referred to as “SSSG,” or “saroot samgyeopsal”—which is a type of Korean barbecue. So, you can say the basic of the Korean fried chicken is the same, but it is further flavored with many Korean sauces that have been in these cuisine throughout the generation.

The Evolution of Korean Fried Chicken

Like many Korean dishes, Korean fried chicken is a legacy of the Joseon Dynasty, which was in place from 1392 to 1910. During this time, food was used as a way to communicate with various feudal societies and cultures. For example, the ingredients in doenjang jjigae, a Korean soup, came from China. When the Joseon Dynasty ended in 1910, the Joseon people adopted many Chinese cultural practices. This included the cooking style of Chinese dishes that are typically soy-based and served with rice. One of the most popular Korean dishes today, k-chicken, is actually the dish’s original name from the Joseon era.

There are many different ways to make k-chicken, but the most popular method is to marinate the chicken in soy sauce, garlic, ginger, sesame oil, and sugar before cooking it in a hot oil using a “galbi jjim” sauce. The chicken is then soaked in a sweet and savoury sauce, resulting in a juicy and delicately sweet flavor. Galbi jjim can be consumed as an appetizer or a side dish, and it is especially popular for breakfast as a “galbi jjim bokkeum”.

Why Is Korean Fried Chicken So Popular Now?

In recent years, Korean food has become more mainstream in North America and Canada. First, the Korean pop music industry started to gain popularity. Then, a few Korean celebrities started to become famous in the US and Canada. These people have featured in TV shows, hosted YouTube videos and even appeared on American talk shows.

Thus, they’ve promoted Korean culture and foods, which has increased the popularity of Korean cuisine. Another reason why people are eating Korean fried chicken so much now is because of a positive change in health, flavor and taste. The new Korean-style fried chicken is lower in fat and calories but has a lot more flavor than the original fried chicken that was popular a few decades ago. The Korean-style fried chicken is also healthier because it is marinated in a savoury mixture that’s full of vitamins and minerals.

Korean fried chicken is also popularized by the Korean-Canadian adoptees. These are people who were born in South Korea but were adopted by Canadian parents who moved to Canada. Many of them have fond memories of a Korean restaurant they visited when they were younger. They’ve imported this favorite dish to Canada and now it is becoming a trend among k-chicken fans! Another reason why Korean fried chicken is so popular among adoptees is that it is nostalgic. You can think of it as a form of Korean comfort food. It also has a lot of flavor and goes well with all types of soups, stews or rice dishes.

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The process of making Korean fried chicken is rather intriguing and mouthwatering. Like we have already mentioned it is unlike the traditional fried chicken, the process of making this chicken involves many spices and different coating. The chicken is freshly delivered to the restaurant every day, then it carefully deboned and cut into bite-sized pieces. After then dressed in spices and batter, the little plump of moist and juicy chicken with ultra-crispy coating and the sauce will make you dance in great harmony.

Another thing that we love is how their menu is crafted, from mild to spicy variations of the K-chicken, you can get to choose your favorite ones. Many people may say that spiciness hides the true flavors of the dish but not with this K-chicken in Calgary. You will be hit by the numbing spice with the bursting flavors of the chicken, the coating, and the sauce. Talking about the sauces, “CHICKEN HEAVEN” offers following sauces for you to try:

  • Krispy
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  • Honey Garlic
  • Jalapeno Mayo
  • Flamin’
  • K-Retro (Flourless)
  • Maple Cheese Retro
  • Chicken Poutine
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Bottom line

Korean fried chicken Calgaryhas been a popular Asian food for years, but it is only recently started growing in popularity in North America. The rise of Korean-inspired restaurants, along with the prevalence of social media, has helped make Korean fried chicken one of the most popular types of Asian food in Canada. No just that, the taste and texture it brings to the table makes a quite expression on the eaters.

If you haven’t tried it while staying in Calgary, then try Calgary Fried Chickenat “CHICKEN HEAVEN”. From the crispy simple K-chicken to the different version with the delicious sauce, it is a must to try in Canada.

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