There has been a recent upsurge of Western men using online dating sites to find their woman of their dreams, but not an American woman--an Asian woman. Yes, the many stories are true about men in the United States choosing their brides from Asian countries, particularly Korea. Is there something wrong with American women? Not necessarily, however, Korean dating ladies have many different values that appeal more to men in today's society. These values are something that have been lost along the way with some women in the United States.

1. Respect for Their Husband

In Asian cultures the women are taught from childhood to have the utmost respect for the men in her life; first her father then her husband, and her son should her husband die. Equality among genders does not exist in Korea, and women are taught to be submissive. Although there is now the emergence of Asian Feminist groups, many Korean women still follow traditional ways. For this reason, a Western man can expect his wife to be respectful toward him, never trying to undermine the decisions he makes for the good of his family.

2. Respect for Marriage

In today's society, many women in the Western world do not have the same respect for marriage as they did 50 years ago. This is not the case with Korean women. In any Asian culture, the only successful marriage is the one that lasts forever. Not only is it humiliating for a Korean woman to have her spouse leave her, it is a sign of personal failure. These women do everything it takes to make their marriages last. More importantly, though, they do what it takes to make the marriage a happy one.

3. Loyalty to the Husband

Studies show that a marriages between a Western man and Korean woman are the least susceptible to extra-marital affairs. Again, this is due in part to their culture and how they were raised. Loyalty to their husband comes first and foremost, as it would be a reason for the collapse of their marriage. In return, she expects the same loyalty from her husband and generally receives it.

4. Affection

Korean women are extremely affectionate and sweet, giving their husbands the kind of love and treatment he may not be used to. Some people may consider Asian women to be shy, however, they simply know when it is appropriate to show their husbands the love they feel for them. Being romantic and sweet comes naturally for a Korean lady, and men in the Western world truly appreciate this.

5. They Are Good Mothers

Of all the women who still breastfeed their babies, most are Asian. This goes to show how much they care about the welfare of their children from birth through life. Her life centers around her children and her husband, and no matter how well educated she may be, or whether or not she is employed, a Korean woman is always capable of balancing work with helping her children with their studies and caring for her husband and home. This is a rare trait in women.

Korean women are a special find for any man, but are greatly under appreciated in their own country. With all the love, loyalty and appreciation they have to offer, it is no wonder so many men from the United States an abroad choose to make them their wives.

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