Laravel is a highly productive PHP based framework used by people globally for eCommerce businesses. Hire Laravel developer in Sydney and read this article for more information. 


Laravel is one of the most popular and top-notch PHP frameworks, used by businesses to upgrade their game in the market. Web development is a crucial procedure hence most of it revolves around empowering developers employing steady frameworks to build the websites. The application of PHP is cost-effective besides being heavily functional. Besides offering strict security measures, Laravel also forms a robust foundation/base for e-commerce websites, boosting performance and growth. 


The programming language of PHP is open source and well-optimised, promising lots of features and practices to satisfy and achieve business objectives. Among this, Laravel is advanced and the most sought after choice for the Laravel developer in Sydney. Widely known for its elegant yet simplified syntax, Laravel enables developers to build the websites fast while getting access to multiple features like user authentication, caching, management of sections etc. Overall, Laravel is a premium, modern web application designed for superior web-based site prospects. 


One can build the following using the programming language of Laravel:

  • Enterprise software like ERP, CRM 
  • Online based communities 
  • Software solutions related to database  
  • Blogs and other content writing sites 
  • eCommerce solutions 
  • Social media and other networking sites


This framework of Laravel is independently tailored to support diverse web solutions and advanced applications, web service, API etc. while based on the paradigm of MVC, one can deliver the most capable results after using it, with accurate elements, the syntax that is highly expressive, and an interface that will make the business stand out of the crowd. Its vibrant range of powerful functional qualities makes it the absolute right choice for proficient developers.   


Below mentioned are a few other significant reasons why Laravel has proved to be one of the most productive platforms - 


  • Integration with Mail

This mail service is for sending notifications to the email of the users. Laravel is useful in this regard in that it offers cleaner, simple API. It allows the drivers for Mailgun, SMTP, SparkPost, Mandrill, PHP mail, Amazon SES and Sendmail. In this, the application sends the mail faster through a cloud-based, local service. Through Laravel, one can also utilise the support required for sending notifications across many delivery channels like SMS and Slack. 


  • Integration for fast web applications

Just creating an application is not enough. It should be fast and responsive, leading to a boost in revenue. The developers integrate websites with caching backends to improve performance. With Laravel, one can utilise commonly known and popular cache backends like Redis out-of-the-box and Memcached. Laravel by default is configured to make use of the file cache driver that stores all cached objects separate in the file system. With Laravel, one can also configure multiple caches.



  • Minimising repetitive programming 


This is one of the best functions of Laravel. It provides the tool of built-in command-line known as Artisan. This innovative feature makes use of automation to discard tasks like repetitive programming.  The developers can make it function through database structure, proper migration management, skeleton coding to yield effective results. 


The other major advantages of embedding Laravel framework into websites include - 

  1. Easier customisation and set up procedure 
  2. An intuitive syntax that is easy to understand and also consumes less time
  3. Secure development 
  4. Promoting modern and advanced web development practices 
  5. Reusing the well-organised codes 
  6. Brilliant support packaging  
  7. Separating business logic code from presentation codes 
  8. An eloquent ORM system  


The platform of Laravel has been appreciated globally and used by millions of people for designing eCommerce websites. Faster web applications give businesses a competitive edge over others. No wonder the popularity and productivity of Laravel is indisputable.

Author's Bio: 

Jonathan Paul is a business enthusiast and renowned Laravel developer in Sydney associated with PHPProgrammers. Here the writer has elaborated on the reasons behind the popularity of Laravel has a web application development framework.