“As the dawn began to break, I had to surrender. The universe will have its way - too powerful to master.” The Flaming Lips

When you choose to take the position of the sun, you can see the earth clearly. What I mean by this is that when you step back from your-self and what you are used to – you can more easily see what works for you and what doesn’t.

When we can remove ourselves from attachment – whether it be to physical objects or to our ego – we will be rewarded with clear seeing and clear vision. Our clear vision will allow us to make better choices for our life and will get us to where we need to be.

Often, in my own life, I held on to certain beliefs about myself with the strongest grip I could manage. I wanted my life to be a certain way and I wasn’t going to have it any other way. As an actor, I would constantly struggle with what fed my soul and what fed my ego. I did independent films that freed my soul but made me little money, and I held on to the disturbing belief that booking a huge commercial or some major film would make me better.

The only thing that made me better was getting to the root of my ego and realizing the reasons I put so much weight on trying to achieve a career high in order to be at peace within. No matter what I achieved in my career, it was not going to give me internal peace. Rather, I needed to find that within myself. When I figured out that equation, I was able to (eventually) let go of the discomfort my life was causing me.

So many of us hold on to anything we can get our hands on. Whether it’s relationships, food, or the act of busyness itself – we like to have a firm grip on as many things as possible.

But what happens when you let go? Not what you would think, surprisingly. I know you’re worried that the moment you loosen your grip, you will say goodbye to achieving everything you’ve been working for – but in reality, you are only opening up to the energy of saying hello to it all.

When I was able to let go, I found truth within myself. When I surrendered – I let peace speak to me and take me in the direction of my true purpose.

When we can observe our life from a detached viewing point, our lives will be changed forever. When we begin to make decisions based on the whole instead of the egoic-self, we see our decisions having importance beyond us.

Let’s be encouraged to loosen our grip so we can have a better handle on what is meant for us. Be willing to let go of your need to control the destination – and you’ll be incredibly pleased with where you end up.

1-2-3 - Let's let go,

Garrett Paknis

Author's Bio: 

Creator and writer of justenlightenment.com, Garrett Paknis is an artist and spiritualist living in downtown, NYC with a mission to inspire YOU to seek deeper within and live with purpose.