a better place to live

People tend to look for a better place to live. Some emigrate from Africa to Europe, another from Mexico to the USA, etc. European countries, USA, Australia, etc. are places with the better-developed economy than others; therefore, there is less risk to die from hunger, there are higher security and better shelter.


Therefore the main reason for emigrating there is the elimination of a risk of survival and getting better opportunities for self-development. However, even economically developed countries do not guarantee protection against many other risks contained in the physical reality, as well as provides only limited possibilities for personal growth.


However, are the opportunities of the better living limited only to the economically developed countries and only on the Earth? No, not at all!

There are innumerable amounts of the better developed physical and thin worlds which have much better conditions for living than here in the Earth. So, how to get there?

Thin world

The higher place where to be is a Thin world*, the world without physical reality and a physical body.

As the Higher Teachers try to prepare us to the Thin environment, they provided us with a digital technology - a somewhat prototype how to exist in the upper world. For instance, you play computer games, network with avatars, buy products online or earn bonuses without your physical presence.

It's not too far back we used a physical format for letters and invoices instead of an electronic format. For example, to pay an electricity bill, we had to get it in paper format, go to the bank, stand in line at the checkout, pay in cash, receive a paper check, and send it to the electricity company as proof. If the paper invoice was lost, we had an additional inconvenience and wasted time-solving the problem.

The tangible format of the billing was an inconvenient, time-consuming and kind of risky way to handle the everyday things.

digital technologies

Nowadays, digital technologies provide us with the opportunity to pay bills electronically and automatically. Once you set-up the e-banking, you don't need to spend any time or energy to deal with the payment issue any more. Therefore, the risk and time required to pay the bills are close to zero.

Now, imaging that instead of the bills, your physical body shifts from the tangible format to an intangible one.


So, you don't have a material body anymore. And what is you is your consciousness only. You don't need to worry either about food, shelter or clothing. You can move where ever you want just by your will. How does it sound?

You might say, Okay, but it's nothing new. I have an avatar and play in the fantasy world as much as I want. Besides, I can be any hero in the interactive gameplay with other avatars remotely.


You might say that you also network with people whom you never met and no liberation is needed for that. Yes, that's right; the digital technologies gave us a great chance to check out an intangible world before Spiritual Exit**.

However, as you go back from a virtual experience to physical life, you still have to nourish your physical body, provide shelter, etc.


However, the primary care of your body is not the only challenging part of the physical existence. The essential problem is a high risk for your soul.

*Thin world*= Intangible world
**Spiritual Exit = liberation

This article is based on Jacklyn A. Lo’s thoughts and does not purport to be the absolute truth.

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Author's Bio: 

Author's Bio:
A few years ago, walking in the secluded forest, Jacklyn set a new, ambitious goal for herself― to make a feature movie.

Inspired, she started to write a script, which eventually became a thick novel. The theme of the book, provided by Higher Consciousness, has made the story unique and unforgettable.

Jacklyn has a Master's Degree in Technology, an MBA in Finance, two years of High Astrology School, and years of self-study in New Age topics.

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