Link building has proven to be a very effective way to build traffic to your site and except for the time involved, this method is absolutely free! The discussion here today is why building links may NOT be quite as effective for an online affiliate business!

Let's examine 3 reasons as to why many affiliates may NOT get the results they hope for when building links as a means to generate traffic!

Results Take Time

As true as it may be that building links can bring you some very focused visitors to your site, this strategy takes time to develop! To get the most out of your affiliate business it's often necessary to make fast and continuous changes in the products you offer and niches you serve! These changes in most cases will NOT allow you to benefit from any previous efforts you invested in building links! The visitors you get from previous efforts may not be a fit for the changes you made!

Efforts (Yours) Also Take Time

Affiliates are most successful practicing marketing strategies that are NOT time consuming and bring quick results! Focus must be given to product trends and research in order to be sure products that are offered are still in strong demand! Make no mistake, affiliates do NOT plant roots but rather they tend to migrate from product to product and niche to niche!

Rules Keep Changing

Google's algorithms sometimes seem to be like the weather insofar as how often they change! This makes it quite difficult at times to experience any positive results from all the effort marketers invest! It can be very frustrating trying to build traffic using a strategy that continues to change the rules and affiliates don't want, need or have the time to always be starting over! In order to be profitable selling affiliate products trends, traffic and demand must all come together and peak at the same time!

Although link building may be a great way to build traffic to your site online, it may not be the best strategy to use for an affiliate business! The 3 reasons for this claim, as discussed above, explain why this strategy may prove to be a bit cumbersome for a fast moving and dynamic affiliate business! This is NOT to say building links is ineffective but just to suggest most affiliates don't have the time to wait for the results! What's your thoughts on this matter, I'd love to hear them!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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