There is no need for you to be a marketing expert to know that what important role does quality customer service plays in business. The customer no doubt is the king and he is the one who spreads the word about you and helps you to have build a strong customer base.

The small business have also started adding live chat support at their website to provide real time answers rather than having customers click away from their websites. Real time interaction with the customers not only builds customer’s confidence but also helps to improve the conversion rates. According to the survey of American online consumers, among 68% of those who have been engaged in live chat, 63% have been witnessed to get back to the website with live chat for repeat purchase.

With live chat (LiveChatAgent.Com) you are adding a human factor at your website. The basic advantage of live chat is that it allows the customer to interact with the company from their comfort zone that is at their convenience.

Basically there are two types of customers who need help and use live chat (LiveChatAgent.Com) to get it. The first and foremost are the potential customers or buyers and the common situations in which these customers use live chat are

Want to know more about the product or service specifications.
They may be having trouble in finding any particular product on the site.
or as simple as that just want to compare the products.

These are the basic scenarios which highly influence purchase decisions. It has also been seen that more than 38% of the online customers take their purchase decision due to the live chat session.

Live chat (LiveChatAgent.Com) is highly efficient and is the ultimate customer service channel.

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