As per the traditions, Lord Ganesha is worshipped first before beginning any puja or anything auspicious in homes or places of business. We invoke him at the beginning of every good thing by singing chants and thinking about Lord Ganesha, asking for success and prosperity. During havan or Yagya, small idols of Ganesha are created using mud or clay wrapped in molly threads and worshipped before beginning the Yagya asking the Lord for his benediction over everyone attending the Yagya or puja.

Known for its alluring charisma, Lord Ganesha has always been associated with prosperity and positivity. If you wonder why the elephant god is worshipped before everything auspicious in India, here are mythological stories behind it. Let's see why people love to take Lord Ganesha's blessings before starting any good work.

The mythology behind Ganesha being worshipped first:

Let brass ganesh statue manufacturers see the story of why Ganesha is worshipped first. According to Indian mythology, two stories are considered why lord Ganesha worshiped before any other lord on auspicious occasions. The first one is where goddess Parvati orders little Ganesha to guard her chambers while she is inside. Following the orders, little Ganesha stops Lord Shiva from entering the rooms, which infuriates the god, and he ends up cutting the head of Ganesha.

When she finds Ganesha's head slashed, Goddess Parvati becomes enraged and warns to annihilate the whole creation. Seeing this, Lord Shiva then replaces Lord Ganesha's head with a baby elephant, blessing him to be worshiped before anyone.

As per the brass ganesh statue supplier, there was a race between Lord Ganesha and his elder brother Lord Karthikeya. Both were asked to go around the world, and whoever comes back first will be the winner. The winner receives the gift of immortality and Knowledge. While Lord Karthikeya begins his race thinking Ganesha is slow and will never be able to come first, Ganesha goes around his parents, stating that they indeed meant the world to him.

Impressed by his love for the parents and intelligence in winning the race, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati blessed him with the fruit of Knowledge along with that of immortality is the reason why we seek blessing from ineffably charming Lord Ganesha before beginning anything new. Place Ganesha Idols on the entrance to invite prosperity.

Place Ganesha Idols on the entrance to invite prosperity.

Not just for auspicious occasions, baby lord Ganesha figurines, Ganpati sculptures can invoke a sense of positivity anywhere they are placed. However, apart from keeping Ganesha idols inside the home, there is one place where you should be setting this adorable Lord, and that is the entrance of your house. According to brass ganesh ji manufacturers, keeping a Ganesha idol at the door helps ward off the evils. Several business places keep their idol at the entrance, lighting up deepam praying for success and prosperity.

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While placing the Ganesha idol in the house or a business place, try to ensure his back is not towards the structure. It should be towards a wall that does not have any room behind it. It is said that poverty lives behind Lord Ganesha's back; hence, according to Vastu, one should avoid keeping the backside towards their home or place of business. If you seek a beautiful idol of Lord Ganesha that is right according to brass idol traders, The Advitya is the right place to look for it. Crafted by artisans, ready to adorn your home or office, every Ganesha idol over here is unique in every way.