Luxury vinyl tile flooring contemporary flooring tile which looks very stylish and costs a fraction of amount when compared to all other popular floor tiles that are in market now a days. It’s a great way to give a rich look to the house in a relatively small budget. Vinyl tiles are hard, tough and sturdy. Another important aspect about this flooring tile that has led to the growth of its use is the fact that it is low maintenance and quite easy to install.

This reason way many developers have started installing luxury vinyl tile flooring in their new projects because they are able to portray the look of a lavish flooring at the fraction of the cost that actual wood or real stone flooring would cost.

Due to cost economy, luxury vinyl flooring is also extensively used for renovation; especially by those who are willing to stretch their budgets a little to achieve a high-end look for their house or commercial unit which is under renovation.

Choosing luxury vinyl tile flooring because

  1. It’s gorgeous
  2. it’s super easy to install
  3. It’s tough as nails
  4. It’s budget-friendly

Then who will not like to have classy and contemporary look to the interiors and enhance the ambience of the place when they go in for renovation.

When it comes to choice of designs, the users can feel spoilt for choice as there is wide range of designs and patterns offered in this flooring category. It can be used for indoor and outdoor locations as well, although its preference to indoor application is much higher than outdoor application.

There are four of installations of luxury vinyl tile flooring. First one is floating or interlocking, second one is fully bonded adhesive, third one is grip strip and the fourth one is peel & stick. Smooth finish surface finish is conventionally expected norm but there are multiple surface finishes that are available, i.e. an embossed look, a high gloss finish, low gloss finish, hand scrapped finish and smooth or textured look. The colour palate too has a wide variety of choice but browns, beiges and greys are widely preferred colours as they give a woody or stone look to the flooring.

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