E-commerce has certainly conquered the digital world. It has become the need for all businesses. No matter small or big every online business wants a dynamic e-commerce solution that offers higher flexibility, scalability, and extensibility effortlessly.

If you are thinking about having an online site embedded with high-class features and want your site to be mobile friendly so that the customers can access it anytime and anywhere, then there are plenty of open source platforms that you may find in the market. This may make your job to select the best little complicated. Well, you don’t have to worry as there is this powerful solution to match all your business needs and that’s — Magento.

The top-notch Magento Development Company gives you the package of all features you wish to have in an e-commerce site like

· Display products

· Flawless online transactions

· Excellent customer support

· Effectively run backend processes smoothly

Of course, you need to be a programmer to use the site but yes to build the site you need to hire Magento 2 developer to put everything right.

Ideal Choice for E-commerce sites

Magento is certainly the best platform for e-commerce and offers an array of features to customize your store the way you want to.

Magento main e-commerce features

· Inventory Management

· User Dashboards

· CMS feature

· Latest shipping/supplier management

· Enables products bundling

· Built-in cross sell/ up sell functions

· Newsletters

· Plenty of latest and improved new extensions

· Easy to use dashboard with simple admin

· Open source platform

· SEO optimized

· Ideal for e-commerce

· Faster checkout option

· Multilingual platform

Facility to integrate 3rd party Apps easily

Magento extensible API lets you associate with every app/plug-in as per your preference smoothly. Whether it is web analytics, payment gateways, tracking the shipping, search app you wish to or Pluto it to Magento website in very less time everything comes handy.

Fully customizable

The nature of e-commerce businesses differ and each of them has different needs. There can be challenges in terms of size, operations range and customer service needs in an e-commerce environment. Magneto can easily handle all these challenges.

As Magento is an open source platform, the expectations are quite high and users want it to be always easily customizable. However, Magento has lived up to all these expectations with the help of smart coding.

Lets you choose hosting easily

In case you are looking to choose a hosted platform without any hassles then Magento Go is the answer. It gives you the hosting of your choice with several benefits that can be accessed with the Magento Community edition platform.

Magento is SEO friendly platform

It is really important for your site to be SEO friendly. Magento lets you eradicate the hassles of development of URL’s creation that are SEO optimized, meta descriptions and meta tags, navigation, site maps, URL rewrites, and category structures, etc., As the source code for all these elements are in-in, you save a lot of time and hassles making your site completely SEO friendly.

Faster than ever

Most of the web users want a site to load within 2 seconds. If it takes longer than that they choose to move to another site leaving that site. Now, when customers leave your site without purchasing your product directly hampers your conversion rate.

To deal with this performance pressure you certainly would want to have a site that loads fasters, enables smoother page caching, etc.

Magento offers everything you need. It lets page caching without any hassles and retrieves data from huge databases within no time. It also processes the queries immediately and loads the pages faster so that your customers do not have to wait for longer and they do not leave your site.

One backend in Magento run multiple sites

When you look at other e-commerce platforms/open source allows you to run only a single store on one system. On the other hand, Magento lets you run multiple sites from a single backend.

Each website can be set up having distinct designs and layouts for respective stores. It is also possible to keep different domain names you like for each of those sites.

You can easily manage the sites at the same time with a single admin panel in Magento. This facility makes Magento remarkable for e-commerce businesses that run multiple niches.

Some more reasons for choosing Magento

· Systematic back end

· Attractive default template

· Easy to update shopping cart

· Add-on modules with latest and remarkable functions

· Ideal for any business that guarantees greater success.

· An ideal e-commerce platform for growing companies, companies having huge customer network across the world, meets the needs of companies who deal with multiple industries.

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