The journey of the rental business follows through the entire timeline. Past, present and future the business on sharing goods and services are alive in the market with huge welcome. A great exemplar is Airbnb in this digital world, touches successful heights with simple concept of sharing. Airbnb affords short-term lodging in a reliable & innovative way with apps. They never stopped their space-sharing ideas within apartments. They have wide-spread with hotel room rentals, workspace rentals, restaurant rentals and space rentals for events & activities.

Getting inspired by its success number, many follows the path of Airbnb. If you are one among them, then the following information will be useful.

Like Airbnb, you can start Vacation rental business.
Inspired from Airbnb, turo has opened its car rental business.
Boatsetter set its boat rental business like Airbnb.
Similarly,Swimply for swimming. Splacer & peer space for workspace / event space rentals the list moves on….
Modern platform invites business aspirants to start business. A proper plan, some finance and tool to show online presence is a must in today’s world. For an online presence, one can hunt for airbnb like scripts is the online market.

Trioangle, affords top-rated airbnb clone scripts to the online market. Wanna try, then visit airbnb clone. Trioangle has a set of rental software for property, car, boat and now space rental script joins the squad.

Space Rental Business:
Before I move to the script let me explain about space rental business. Renting a limited space for parties, fun activities and events. Presence of business starts from traditional period to Airbnb’s digital period. People choose a space based on type of activity, location, capacity of the scape occupancy , availability and packages. A reliable report says, 0.8% – Office Space Rental in the US Shown greater growth in the first quarter of 2019.

What Is Makent Space ?
Makent Space, a responsive web based script to start a business on space rentals like office space, space for events, space for meetings/conference, space for weddings, space for photoshoot / film shoots etc. The best interface from trioangle helps to kickoff a space rental business instantly.

Why Makent Space From Trioangle?
Instant Start
As the script is completely customised for space rentals, there is no requirement for customisation. If required the theme of the website can be changed from the front end to make the website more appealing in appearance.

As safe and security is the important trait for online business, we ensure that our script is reliable for online payment and to provide other user details. Also can manage the details of the users easily.

Our script is accessible from any devices and pretty responsive which is capable to attract mass volume of the user.

User Friendly Dashboard For Admin
From the dashboard the admin can manage all the details and monitor the business easily.

Also it has remarkable features like multiple language access, instant booking, iCalendar, multiple currency support, easy report management, Monitoring history, etc.

Day Based Payment
It allows the space organisers to charge payment in a daily basis. So the user can enjoy the ownership of the space without any time bound.

Manage Disputes
In case of any disputes or damages in the space, the considerable amount of security pay can be claimed from the user with the knowledge of the admin.

Technology Rich Software
With high-end technology the script has totally enriched from designs and functionality.

How Makent Space Works ?
Maknet space acts as an interface between a space providers (one who rent their unused space) and event organisers (one who gets the space for rent).

The space providers will list their used space briefly with pictures, videos and detailed description about it. With varied choices and filters event organisers book their desired property. The booking can be done instantly or can move to reservation based on what they opt, further proceeds with secured transactions.
The event organisers, uses advanced filters and queries to find space for rental. With clear descriptions, ratings and reviews event organisers books the space with attributes, then moves to payment page for seamless transactions.
Admin is the one who monitors the whole scene and acquires fee for renting service, booking of space listing, cancellation of space booked etc.
If your are interested to be a part of entrepreneur society by starting an online space rental business then contact For more information visit

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Trioangle is well known for its mobile app as well as website development. They started their journey in 2011 and they keep on improving over the years. They provide top clone scripts to their clients.