MBA! Whenever a recently graduated student comes across this word, a very common question arises in their mind that whether they should go for an MBA degree or not. Well, owing to this lack of information among the youngsters, here I present top 10 reasons to do MBA.
Reason #1: Personality Development

In today’s globalized corporate world, theoretical knowledge is insufficient. By enrolling in an MBA program, a student is rigorously trained for communication skills, leadership skills, presentation skills and business etiquette which helps him in career growth.
Reason #2: Better Job Prospects

After college, the next step is job. And, according to some credible sources, many companies hire only MBA. Therefore, having an MBA degree will open up the doors for such good companies.
Reason #3: Career Growth

Having a management degree is advantageous when being considered for promotion and higher positions in the corporate structure. The lack of an MBA degree can lead to deserving people remaining unnoticed.
Reason #4: Jack of All

Being an engineering graduate or a CA you are restricted to a particular area or industries but with an MBA degree you become the Jack of all. You will be a highly sought after candidate by all kind of companies.
Reason #5: Entrepreneurial Ability

By doing Master in Business Administration, you will also develop your entrepreneurial skills. It will help you to start your own business, will equip you to take calculated risk, and will fulfil your dreams. Nowadays, the companies also look for people who possess good entrepreneurial skills and give them strategic roles in the company.
Reason #6: Helps in growing your family business

By this management degree, you will also develop strategic management skills, team-building skills, marketing skills and product development skills. These skills will help you growing your family business in terms of adding more products, gaining a better response from the market and a commendable management of customers and suppliers.
Reason #7: Global Scope

Having a management degree will also open up your career prospects in International Markets. During the course of your MBA degree, you are taught about International Business, International Financial Management and International marketing subjects which helps you to understand the working of International Markets and this, in turn, increases your job prospects.
Reason #8: Technical Skills

Along with the managerial skills an MBA also is trained in Technical Skills. An MBA curriculum covers knowledge of Productivity software like Ms Office along with the Enterprise systems like CRM, SAP, SCM etc. An MBA student is also given training for Data analytics software like SPSS, Advanced Excel etc.
Reason #9: Higher Social Prestige

Society matters now, doesn’t it? An MBA holder is generally subjected to higher social prestige and let’s not forget about the amazing job prospects.
Reason #10: Higher Salaries

However, talent and capabilities takes a person to higher in corporate ladder but it is also observed that an MBA is paid higher even from the starting package.
These reasons are valid when a person obtains an MBA degree from a good institute which provides a good learning atmosphere, well qualified and experienced faculties, has industrial tie-ups and an active placement cell.

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