Here's a basic layout of why this happens from first date to when the men drift and seem like there interest in you has disappeared. It is quite simple really, but can be something that you overlook, or just don't understand this basic fact...

Why He Pulls Away: Common Facts

Right from the days of early dating two people become attracted to each other. Right? And they will date or go out for some time, yea?

Nine times out of ten, during those early days of dating a relationship has an average of 1-2 months, because usually something better comes along, or you simply get bored.

This of course will lead to some emotions of pain from one person or the other! Right?

Then we grow up a little, and there comes a time when we seek a more committed relationship with somebody that we hope will last for our lifetime... yea? I thought so. Well that is what I surely want!

Now going back to those old dating days, where guy's would come and go, and to the now period when you want to keep a man! You have developed a sub -conscious state of mind that you have to smother your man with yourself 100%. I say that because that is what I see everywhere. Men can not be themselves, because there ladies think that they need to be with their man all the time and do everything together, believing that it is what is needed to keep the relationship going.

Where the fact is that's the biggest reason "why men pull away"! We guy's need our space. But please don't get me wrong there are men who make plenty of relationship mistakes also. Loosing there precious girlfriends all the time...

Common Reason Why Men Pull Away No 2

This reason may be hard for some to understand, or even admit to. But it is a biggy. I will apologise now if I offend anybody... Sorry!

I say this because this is why I have pulled away in my past relationships...

Here it is: Many marriages today are failing! Right?

And within those marriages are children, you could imagine that you are the child! Growing up and watching how your examples are treating each other. And in some way shape or form whether one realizes it or not, some of that will and does rub of on you! I for one am guilty.

The thing is that when you meet your man and get threw the attraction stage and begin getting serious, you will start getting to know each other. He will begin to see the grass roots of your upbringing, and what has made YOU!.

When there are problems and traits hiding within your being, and he recognizes that, he will try and make it known. Most people are stubborn to this fact and will try to ignore it, which will eventually cause problems in the relationship leading a huge contibuting factor to why a mans pulls away!.

You can find out exactly what it takes to keep a man interested and in love with you. Something I feel is a great idea if you wanted to have an uncomplicated love life.

You can not only find out why men pull away, You can learn to break down your mens entire being and have him want to know how he can stop you from leaving you...

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