Micro niches are excellent for avoiding intense competition while offering larger profit margins to internet marketers! This particular strategy however does not necessarily translate over very well to people who want to get paid to blog! In fact it is actually advantageous for bloggers to focus on those niche markets with a broader base and here are 3 compelling reasons as to why this is the case!

Easier to Create Content

When worker broader based niche markets as a blogger it is much easier to find and develop content you can post to your site! Typical internet marketers meaning those who don't use blogging platform as part of their marketing strategy, don't need to be constantly finding something new to write about! On the other hand people who expect to get paid to blog need to offer visitors something interesting and new to read in order to gain both their loyalty and business! Having a highly focus market limits the sources a blogger can use to help them develop more reading material they can post!

Broader Appeal - More Subscribers

The broader the niche markets are the wider the appeal therefore it only stands to reason the blogger will have more traffic! One true unit of measurement any blogging platform can rely upon in terms of judging success is the traffic it attracts! Now when you are trying to get paid to blog this also means you have more potential customers landing on your site! In terms of income that works for me, how about you?

Greater Range of Product Offers

Finding or even developing products is not such a restrictive process as it would be in a highly focused market! One of the most popular methods used by many to get paid to blog is by offering affiliate products! Once again when you are working within a market that offers much in the way of variety in terms of needs to fill and problems to solve the larger the market the more directions you can take with your offers! Think in terms of a specialty shop as compared to a large department store!

Micro niches typically are most appealing to internet marketers due to the lower level of competition and higher profit margins they offer! On the other hand for those focusing their efforts on trying to get paid to blog this strategy may prove to be more difficult! The discussion above sites 3 strong reasons as to why it is easier for bloggers to target niche markets with a broader base of appeal! This in no way is to dispute the effectiveness of working smaller niche markets in terms of making money online! Quite simply this particular strategy may only serve to be more challenging for a 'dedicated' blogger! Just saying!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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