Do you know Rob and his new Kisetsu prototype slim wallet? Check their site at:
At first glance, he is just a regular man but that's only at first glance, in reality, he had super abilities because he has Kisetsu Slim Wallet. At first glance, some Slim Wallets are just the regular wallets but that's only at first glance, in reality, some have a stunning design and they're packed with super abilities. The smart wallets help Rob in a variety of situations. Once when he was out with his girlfriend Rob left his wallet in the cab but both men notify when it's been left behind and is being tracked easily by its owner Kisetsu Slim Wallet. The only wallet with unique features.

Rob's lifestyle is very active and occasionally he forgets his phone in crowded places but Kisetsu Slim Wallet notifies you when you've left your phone behind! That's right has great functions for travelers as well when you need internet anywhere in the world instead of expensive roaming you can use bullshit man's Wi-Fi hotspot which is way cheaper than regular roaming.

Sometimes at very important moments, your battery dies. This is a problem that happens way too often. How many times your phone has died at the worst possible moment when you're filming your kid's performance and right in the middle of it your phone shuts down or imagine you have to tell your date you're running late picture that disaster or your battery dies in the middle of an important business call.

Your online poker tournament is interrupted you're lost and you can't look up online maps. Not only is Kisetsu Slim Wallet super slim and ultra lightweight but it's also got a built-in power bank so you can charge any phone up to 100% okay what about metal and you can charge your phone wirelessly.

The idea of Kisetsu Slim Wallet started a year ago in our team of engineers and designers have been working tirelessly on creating a perfect mix of design and technology and very soon we'll be proud to present a final shape packed with super abilities.

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I love slim wallets from and waiting for the prototype to hit the market as their flag ship.

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