Holistic healing in modern times has become more prevalent. The technique of natural healing indicates that one tries in embracing the wisdom in their life’s joyful and painful parts. Most of the time, this method is applied to heal, resulting in the symptoms to fade away. Jacques Tombazian is a licensed holistic healer and the brain child of Alchemy111, a premier wellness center in Canada. The treatments which he together with his team uses are derived from a wide category of wellness traditions that is aimed to deliver an intense healing experience. His style of practice revolves around the energy in an individual’s body, ensuring that it works together mentally, physically and spiritually. This way this method ensures that one’s body possesses a better tolerance from pain, their spirit is up always, and their mind feels relaxed thereby guaranteeing a healing process in its entirety.

Why more people are looking for holistic approaches?

These days more and more people are looking for holistic and alternative approaches instead of harsh drugs to cure their ailment. They are leaping into the world of holistic health as a result of which the demand for Jacques Tombazian’s holistic consultations is on the rise. Switching over to more safe health solutions is on the rise and is widely demanded and utilized owing to its side-effect free nature. The health related to the body and the mind is considered prior to the occurrence of any illness and such holistic health products and therapies are utilized for treating the ailment prior to it occurring in the body. Renowned holistic healer Jacques Tombazian’s concept to promote wellness has been at the focal point lately for fighting different health conditions. His wide range of healing products and essential oils for massage are manufactured with all natural ingredients and non toxic methods which work wonders in healing the body as well as helping it to remain in a healthy and hearty condition.

Offering patients the finest integrated care

Keeping in mind the increasing demand for holistic health care, Jacques Tombazian offers classroom healing sessions as well as distance healing sessions that feature informative and compelling lectures, instructional videos, leading edge and invaluable readings with devoted instructor guidance. His online sessions are offered through Skype and phone and are immensely beneficial for those who cannot manage the time to attend classroom sessions. His passion for health as well as overall well-being reflects through his teachings as he inspires his patients in practicing it in a mindful and authentic manner, understanding that health is never a one size fits everyone concept. He offers small/private group lessons, weekly classes as well as workshops and strives in fostering health for individuals, communities and families via the practice of healing and massage. The father of holistic healing, Jacques Tombazian is trained in recognizing the connection amid the body, mind and spirit as well as its impact on one’s health and specializes in more than one modality. The advanced skills coupled with the collaboration and knowledge of the entire team in this wellness facility enables their patients in receiving the finest integrated care.

Their mission

The mission of Jacques Tombazian and his team is,

• To augment the awareness of his wide range of holistic health options
• Increase understanding regarding the advantages of leading a holistic lifestyle
• Accelerate the technique to integrate their different practices into healthcare
• Promote balance and wellness

The team at Alchemy111 benefit professionally and personally from sharing with one another. Together with their patients and clients they embark on the journey for balance and wellness in their lives.

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Jacques Tombazian, the father of holistic healing has gained enough recognition over the years for offering patients with the finest integrated care. For the convenience and benefits of his patients he offers both classroom and distance healing sessions.