You got to wonder why most of the people who try are still not making money with all the income opportunities available online! You can't point a finger at the financial requirements needed to get started since you can actually build a profitable business with little or no investment at all! Perhaps the biggest reason folks fall short of their online goals can be summed up by saying success is a process and this creates barriers many can't overcome!

Let's look at 3 reasons, that are actually barriers to many, as to why people fail in their attempts to build a profitable business online!

Lack of Planning

Firstly there are way too many people led to believe that many the internet income opportunities presented them are turn-key! This is to say that understandably folks assume there is no need for planning and unfortunately they have clearly been led to believe this! This is much like turning up at a gunfight with a knife which of course is not recommended! Another problem here is for the vast majority trying to build a profitable business is they have little or no experience at how to plan and what to plan for! Business planning is essential if you expect to succeed and without one you're doomed to failure!

Lack of Effort

The very idea of working online is to gain your independence and be your own boss but guess what, that means YOU must supply ALL the effort! Are you ready for that? Most are not and this is another reason people fall flat on their faces when trying to develop and manage a profitable business! This is not a 9 to 5 job but one that requires 100% commitment from you and many are not use to those responsibilities!

Lack of Research

Commonly most aspiring internet marketers follow a 'herd like' mentality which is to say they follow the direction of the crowd! Having said that there is typically little research done to verify the legitimacy or profitability of any niche or income opportunities! Let's face it people change, trends change and therefore demand changes as well so what's popular today may be all but forgotten tomorrow! You must be sure whatever it is you have decided to pursue is something that has profit potential or you'll waste plenty of time and possibly even decide never to try again! Now that would be the biggest shame, to throw away your hopes, dreams and the drive needed to pursue both!

There are still many people not making money online despite the fact that it seems the income opportunities continue to grow! Taking a closer look perhaps the answer can be found in the simple but true statement that success is a process and many aspiring entrepreneurs may not be up to this task! The 3 reasons discussed above seem to point to a lack of experience and commitment that keep people from successfully building a profitable business! One thing is for sure however, it is in the control of the individual to strengthen their commitment while experience of course can be acquired by anybody over time!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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