Ever wonder why the vast majority of blogs found across the internet have limited success and eventually fade into oblivion? Building a successful blog takes time and patience which many aspiring bloggers come to find out they do NOT have! When you consider that the primary components of any successful blog are content and traffic, it would seem that success would not be too difficult to achieve! On the other hand when looking at what it takes to build traffic and create content, blogging can indeed be very challenging!

Here are 3 simple yet significant 'barriers' that can tax the time and patience of any person trying to achieve success as a blogger!

Writing (Challenging)

Before you attempt to build traffic to your site you must have something to offer visitors which requires you to create and post something of interest! The fact is that every successful blog is updated on a consistent basis which will require for you, or someone, to do a lot of writing! If this is something you find challenging, you'll need to either outsource this responsibility or forget about blogging!

Ideas (Run Out)

The more you write the more likely you are to begin running 'thin' on ideas to write about! This becomes even more difficult for bloggers since what they compose needs to be relevant to the theme of their site! Now if you've got the time and patience along with a healthy dose of passion or curiosity you can and should do some research for new ideas and to also stay informed! Research is the best source of new ideas to write about while also maintaining your ongoing education in the field! Once again here is where many discover that they do NOT have enough of an interest or the time and patience to conduct this research! At this point it is only a matter of when they decide to walk away and let their blog whither up and fade away!

Organic Traffic (Frustrating)

As true as it is that blogs are 'cherished' by search engines since they usually update their sites frequently, high rankings are still difficult to achieve! Developing 'meaningful' incoming links can take years in many cases but most attempting to build traffic this way typically quit long before that! The number of sites with which you're competing for higher rankings can easily go into the millions!

Most people who start blogging more times than not have limited success due to the fact it often takes a considerable amount of their time and patience! Although there are few technical hurdles involved in establishing a successful blog, what it takes to create content and build traffic can be very challenging! It therefore would seem time and patience are an absolute necessity for anyone considering starting a blog with the expectations of experiencing even marginal success! If this is something you feel you have, and in abundance, then blogging may be your calling but if not, consider yourself forewarned!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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