It's a controversial issue to be sure. There are many opinions on why men fail when it comes to meeting, attracting, and ultimately keeping exceptional women. Navigating all of this info can be a daunting task and lead you just about nowhere. Through years of study, conversation, and testing, I think I've come up with one HUGE reason men almost always fail when it comes to women. They don't understand attraction.

With anything in life that one wishes to be successful at you need to have a firm grip on the inner-workings and dynamics of the task. Since attraction is rarely displayed on the surface, and commonly displayed in the subtle, as a man I testify it is extremely hard to grasp. If we can't understand or identify it, we fear it, reject it, or even worse make excuses for not knowing it. The old joke that a man never stops and asks for directions does truly come in to play here.

Fearing approaching women is a huge symptom of not understanding what attraction is. If I'm fully sure that I can rebuild the engine on a '57 Chevy, when it comes time to do so, I'll be out there with my tools and overalls ready to get busy. If I don't I'll leave the work and satisfaction of the task to someone else. Attraction is no different, if I have no clue what attraction is or how to attract a woman, each and every interaction I have with a woman I'm interested in will leave me clueless and feeling inept. Worse yet I may never have these interactions at all. On the other hand, if I understand attraction, know what it is, and how to do it, I will have absolutely zero fear because it has become a natural process.

Have you ever heard a woman say 'that guy just has no clue' after some guy has tried to approach and LOST. What do you imagine shes talking about? Attraction. What she was really saying is 'that guy has zero experience with women, knows nothing about how to make me feel attraction for him, and isn't worth another second of my time'. Think about that for a second. On the other hand, if you've ever heard her say 'he knows whats going on', whats shes really saying is 'he understands what attraction is, how to create it, and how to tap in to that deeper level of communication that women like me absolutely love'. Deeper level communication.

Attraction goes far beyond buying a drink, a witty pick up line, or some other quirky approach. It involves how you communicate your status as a man, how you value yourself and the interaction with her, and ultimately how you value her. Knowing the keys that push the buttons of attraction with women is imperative for any single man if he wants to be not only be successful in his dating life, but be consistently successful.

For my fellow men out there I'll give you one tip that will blow your mind and dramatically increase the success of your interactions with goes: Never go into an interaction, a pick up, or whatever with a preset intended outcome. What that means is never put too much emphasis on if you 'get her' or not. Worrying about the outcome only leads to anxiety and trying to hard. Just convey yourself, your personality, and have a good time. Should you follow this simple tip and forgo any preset must have outcome, you will find that the interactions will be far more natural and you will begin to understand the subtlety that attraction really is.
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Dustin Hines

Author's Bio: 

I have spent years researching and understanding the psychology of attraction between men and women. It is my new goal to pass this information on to my fellow men and do what I can to help ensure their success.