Most profitable businesses got that way by being proactive, developing a plan, and then most importantly taking action accordingly! You see when growing a business you need to spend your time and efforts in a proactive manner since this is the only way growth can be experienced! When you find yourself reacting to events or unexpected miscues more than deliberately taking action based upon a plan you are not making progress! Quite simply being proactive sets you up to make progress as quickly as possible if of course your goals are realistic!

Here are 3 simple reasons why being proactive is the best and fastest way for anybody to take when growing a business!

You Know Where Your Going

When growing a business it is an absolute necessity to first know what your overall objectives are and just as importantly, why! This helps you determine your 'mission statement' which will be instrumental in the products you offer and the marketing strategies you choose! If your business has no particular purpose how is it you expect attract customers let alone turn a profit?

You Know How to Get There

Being proactive requires a little planning in advance which makes things less complicated when you begin taking action! In addition and of equal importance having a plan you can follow helps to filter out distractions since your focus is on the strategy you have developed! The bottom line is it is extremely difficult to accomplish anything that involves an investment of time or a series of processes unless you first establish how to do so!

You're in Control

The best thing about being proactive when growing a business is that most actions that are taken are carefully thought out and constructive! Planning your activities in advance helps minimize both surprises and mistakes thereby reducing set backs and/or frustration giving you more confidence which increases your motivation! Things are now on your 'terms' instead of finding yourself chasing after or reacting to unimportant distractions and relatively insignificant occurrences! All this serves to do is to keep you busy NOT productive!

It doesn't take long for most profitable businesses to realize that the quickest way to get the results they want is by being proactive! By taking action according to any plans developed specifically for growing a business it only stands to reason desirable results are more likely! It is way too easy to find yourself spending too much time reacting to events around you thus diverting your efforts from taking action on your original plan! Acting in a defensive fashion such as this gets you no where except frustrated whereas being proactive, as discussed above, gives you the best chance to implement your plan for growth and development! Trust me there will always be distractions that can divert your efforts if you allow it! Growing a business on the other hand requires you make a plan and take action accordingly if any progress is to be made!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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