If you look around, you will notice that people now have different perspectives about marriage life. Some imagine it to be a romantic fantasy. Others head for the alter because they want to appear grown up in the eyes of others. Yet others simply want to escape a bad situation at home, or in the society. Marriage should not be a fantasy or a cure for problems.
Unrealistic expectations

Another problem that faces teenage marriage couples is when they have unrealistic or poor education about marriage. An example is Mark and Delphine. After they had divorced, they were both asked same question. They admitted that, they had very poor idea what marriage was all about.

Just like Mark and Delphine, others have unrealistic expectations regarding sexual relations. I like stating reality facts. One youth who married at the age of 19 said, "After we got married, I discovered that i no longer have the entire thrill for sex and we started having real problems". Marrying when passion is at high tide can distort your thinking and blind you.
Marriage and financial issues
This brings us to another marital issue for young married couples. Money problems are common among youths as they have the highest rate of unemployment and the lowest wages. What fun can you get in life when you never have money to buy the things you need to make you content? When you don't have enough to last from one day to another, it can start lots of problems, unhappiness and in this case one heart is surely bound to get hurt.

How to manage their incomes

42 teenage couples admitted that, after three months of their marriage, their biggest problem was managing their incomes. After three years, 35 of these couples were still asked same question. Money problem again and this time their anguish was even worse. Remember that even a good seize paycheck will never end money problems if the couples have a childish view of material things.

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