Your child often has a runny nose and it connects colds, tonsillitis, croup, bronchitis and conjunctivitis. Wondering if this is normal!

What is it?

These recurrent infections are caused by viruses. Since there are more than 200 different viruses and they are very contagious, it explains why they are so common! It is common for a child under 5 years of having up to 6 viral infections of the nose, throat and bronchi and up to 3 "intestinal flu" (gastroenteritis) per year. At school age, their number decreases to 4 or 5 per year. More the child grows, his immune system increase. If your child is in the crib, it is exposed to other children which transmit viruses. Accordingly, it will catch these infections more frequently.

How can I prevent these infections?

Should wash their hands regularly or use a hand sanitizer after blowing your child or change his diapers to avoid spreading the infection. Before taking a newborn baby in her arms, wash your hands and if you are cold, wear a mask if possible. But it is almost impossible to isolate a child with a cold in his family. He probably passed the virus even before the cold! There is no effective treatment against this type of viral infections only the symptoms can be relieved.

You have to be very careful about these type of virus because they disturb child a lot. These virus also make your child Crusty. You have to wash your hand regularly or a time space, you should wash your baby hand to again and again. Keep your baby clean and germ free use baby talcum powder for baby and toy is very important thing for baby, you should keep those toys also neat and clean because your baby touch and play with toys many time in the day.

Keep the baby towel and handkerchief clean and fresh because it can be the source of germs for your baby if it is not clean. When cold, bronchitis or sore throat, it is the droplets of saliva or nose that transmit these infections because they contain a variety of contagious viruses. Case of stomach flu, hand contact with contaminated feces spread the infection.

The number of viral infections is three times more common in the winter when people spend time together in closed rooms. In addition, cigarette smoke in the home increases significantly the number of colds, croup, ear infections and cough as the smoke irritates the walls of the bronchi and nose.

Children with down their defenses against infections (reaching their immune system) are not more viral infections. However, they often grow more serious infections such as pneumonia, abscess or sinusitis, that is to say infections caused by bacteria. These infections do not heal properly and require hospitalization. In addition, most of the time, these children do not have enough weight and do not grow normally.

Child health safety is very important, It is very normal thing that if child is healthy then parents will be happy. If child is unhealthy then parents is also get depressed and disturb.

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