Many dangers stay hidden in our daily lives. Concealed beneath the repetitive structure of our daily routines. Did you ever stop to consider what things you do every day may be chipping at your health without you realizing it? Because your daily cleaning likely is one of those hidden dangers.

Well, then again, maybe you don’t deal with cleaning products every day. Maybe you only use them every so often, or maybe someone else handles the cleaning duties for you. What matters is that store-bought, toxic cleaning products have been proven time and time again to have negative health effects.

How toxic products hurt your health

It is hard to come up with a comprehensive list of the negative effects of cleaning products, due to the fact that in many countries their labels and ingredients’ list is very unclear. The US is a prime example of this. Thanks to a severe lack of regulation, American cleaning companies often get away with lying in their labels.

Still, speaking in broad terms, the damage caused by these cleaning products can be short or long term. Let’s talk about the short term effects first.

Ammonia and chlorine are two of the most common cleaning product ingredients. They are both skin and respiratory irritants, and exposure to them in the air can trigger allergic reactions, as well as cause allergies and even lead to the development of asthma in extreme cases.

Long term, many components in cleaning products are cancerous. They can also cause damage to the nervous and endocrine system, leading to hormonal unbalances and a reduction in brain function.

The problem with the long term effects that they are invisible at first. And once those problems do emerge, it will be very hard for a doctor to pinpoint your cleaning products as being the villain. Especially since they are unlikely to be the sole cause of cancer or hormonal unbalance. But they may be one of the causes.

When considering all these effects, it’s important to keep in mind that children and pets are particularly at risk of being affected. Both pets and children are made more vulnerable by their smaller body mass and closer proximity to the floor. The proximity makes the chemicals easier to inhale, and their smaller body mass means it takes fewer chemicals to affect their biochemistry.

The benefits of natural cleaners

Natural cleaners, on the other hand, are much safer. Not safe enough to drink, sure, and they will still hurt you if they get on your eyes. But safer than toxic cleaning products, for sure.

The main difference lies in their core cleaning solution. Most natural cleaners rely on some variation citric extracts as a cleaning agent. This substance is extracted directly from plants and is a potent cleaning agent, making it as potent as toxic cleaners for most household applications.

Keep an eye out for natural cleaning products in stores or on the web. They are also known as natural, non-toxic, or soft cleaning products.

On top of being natural, citrus extracts are also less cruel on the environment and have the benefit of smelling good naturally. While traditional cleaning products often have to add even more chemicals in order to get their solution to smell good, natural cleaners have to do no such thing. They can just let the natural smell of the plants they came from flow through your house.

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