If hair loss and thinning scalp is your problem and there are signs of bald patches developing on your head, you need not worry. Unlike in the past, there is an effective way of managing hair loss and ensuring a hair full of natural, healthy-looking hair. NeoGraft hair restoration treatment is a revolutionary process that promises to deliver visible relief. You can consult an experienced surgeon practicing NeoGraft hair transplant Westminster to know how the process works.
No Scalpel, No Scars
NeoGraft hair transplant is an advanced technique that makes FUE harvesting efficient and perfect. For the uninitiated, FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. It is a popular hair restoration technique offered by many cosmetic surgeons specializing in hair care. The technique involves harvesting hair follicles without using a scalpel which is truly astonishing. As a result, there are no stitches or linear scar left behind. With the introduction of NeoGraft, the FUE technique has got a major boost. NeoGraft hair transplant is indeed a game-changer for the hair restoration industry.
If you wish to undergo NeoGraft hair transplant Westminster, you must first find out the best clinic offering this facility in Maryland. An experienced surgeon will be able to explain why this hair restoration technique is a better option. The key reasons are:
• It is less invasive that most other hair restoration methods
• There are no stiches involved and no scalpels used
• Healing is faster
• Lower level of discomfort
• Affordable to most people
• Works on both men and women

Many plastic surgeons are of the opinion that this is the kind of breakthrough formula they were waiting for. NeoGraft can be used to provide relief from hair loss and thinning to more patients now as they can now handle the procedure with a greater degree of accuracy and efficiency.
The Major Benefits
NeoGraft enables surgeons to work even with people who love to wear their hair short. As a linear scar is definitely not an option for such people, NeoGraft hair restoration comes along as the best option. Surgeons can extract or harvest follicles from the scalp without using any surgical instrument and this ensures a scar-free operation.
In almost all cases, patients can walk out after the NeoGraft hair restoration Frederick treatment procedure just as they do after a conventional hair transplant operation but without the discomfort and pain associated with the latter process. The tiny and circular incisions heal quickly and become almost invisible within just days.
When you consult the best surgeon specializing in NeoGraft hair transplant Westminster, a careful analysis will be done to establish your scalp condition and the number of grafts needed to help achieve your hair restoration goals. The treatment will also depend on the kind of hairstyle you prefer. Hair loss treatment must be initiated because if your hair loss continues, the treatment will stretch out for longer periods.

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Dr. Cappuccino is the most experienced and reputed surgeon specializing in NeoGraft hair transplant Westminster. The board-certified surgeon is preferred by patients for NeoGraft hair restoration on Frederick as the clinic of this renowned hair restoration expert has state-of-the-art facilities for carrying out hair restoration procedures.