Visiting to India? Got limited time and want to make the best of it? Then the Golden Triangle tour is for you. The three cities of Agra, New Delhi and Jaipur, resides in the heart of India which forms the India’s Golden triangle as each one is situated almost at equidistance from the other two cities.

There are numerous packages available for you to choose from such as Golden triangle tour 3 days, golden triangle tour 5 days, golden triangle tour 6 days.
In this tour, the destinations picked are culturally diverse and rich in heritage. Each city has a unique history, food, aura and experience that you can live in with these tours.

Presenting a window to the ethnic lifestyle of India of three different cities, these destinations are the pit stop of various historic monuments each one with it elaborate history and awing stories.

Golden Triangle 2 Night 3 Days

Golden Triangle tour 2 nights 3 days gives you the best services present in the city with comfortable hotels, luxurious cafes, air-conditioned rides and utmost relaxation. The best tour there is, which makes it easy for you to cover all the significant places and monuments even within a short available time.

After sightseeing the various destinations in the Agra city, itself with the extended Golden Triangle Tour, you can visit the local market filled with exclusive handicraft items and mouth-watering Indian street food at food street.

About India and its Culture

Ever heard of celebrating the exotic, extremely fun and diverse festivals of India? India’s Golden Triangle tours is one of the best ways to enjoy it. Along with one tour, you can celebrate the Indian festivals in three different cities; each one celebrating each festival in its unique manner where everybody is so welcoming. Don’t be worried if you are traveling alone, as the destinations of the Golden Triangle tours are the most famous and visited places always filled with bustling tourists from across the world to keep you company. Get on the tour with Golden Triangle tour 4 Nights 5 days and meet some new people on your journey and make some new friends.
“Run away from routine, it’s contagious; traveling being the only medicine”

Another city in the Golden Triangle tour is the capital city of India; New Delhi. Diverse in every sense, all said about New Delhi is less. The city is a living and breathing model of the various dynasties and rulers that have passed through history over here. From the Rajputs to the Mughal Sultans and the Britishers and finally the present India, Delhi has it all.

Visit the Qutub Minar, war memorial- India Gate and Luyten’s Delhi which comprises of the Parliament House and President House on the Rajpath and delve into an era of majestic Delhi with the Golden Triangle tour.
Beauty of India lies in its diversity of Culture, Food, Festivals and Music”


Agra, the place where Taj resides is one of the cities of the Golden Triangle tour. Agra is rich with heritage places, be it the beautiful Taj, fortifying Agra Fort or the serene banks of Yamuna river, this city never fails to amaze you. You can feel the Mughal Era and the essence of its rulers, architecture and culture present in every corner of this magnificent city.

The festivals in Delhi are celebrated on another level and be a part of it with being on this tour. Visit the never-ending markets with never ending choices of clothes, food and cultural facts to experience. Delhi also has to offer the most luxurious hotels, rides and dining experience in India.

This tour circuit is filled with various destinations and monuments which are so diverse and different from each other set in different cities risen from various dynasties. So, don’t be worried about getting bored at this tour but be prepared to be super excited and amazed at your Golden Triangle Tour 5 nights 6 days with us.
“Never abandon the urge to reach new destinations, money will come again time won’t”

The last but not the least in any senses is Jaipur, also known in the world by the name of Pink City owning it to the natural pink stone present extensively in the city. Visit the Jantar Mantar- world’s largest stone sundial and a UNESCO World Site Heritage. Also, you get to visit the magnificent Hawa Mahal- “Palace of Winds “along with the City Palace of Jaipur- royal residence of the ruling Rajput Clan.

Jaipur rules the cuisine palate in food department offering rich mealtime with meat, spicy curries and traditional milk sweets. Give your taste buds a treat on the feast of Jaipur street food and take home some lifetime memories.

Relax in the most luxurious hotels, travel with best and most comfortable rides and make your trip even more meaningful by learning the historic legacy of each city from our professional guides on Golden Triangle tours.

Journey through the heart of North India and immerse yourself in the ways of life you have never seen before. Three cities with completely different cultures, food, histories, legacies and lifestyle all waiting for your arrival to make thousands of memories that are going to last for a lifetime. Get awestruck by the various magnificent historic monuments and World Heritage Sites on the Golden Triangle tour and make the best out of your visit to India. Book any of the India’s Golden Triangle tours and enjoy the marvellous journey hassle free and with utmost comfort.

It is high time now for you to visit India and book yourself, friends and family on a trip filled with historic monuments, three different types of cuisines and rich heritage on the wonderful Golden Triangle Tours.

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