Explore And Admire The Beauty Of Sri Lanka On Your 7 Days In Sri Lanka

Galle is one of the best locations which one should visit in 7 days in Sri Lanka. It’s a combination of historical attractions, religious attractions and unmatched golden sandy beaches. Start your exploring from Galle fort. You will have a great time exploring and admiring the things over there. This fort was first built by Portuguese in late 16th century and then expanded by Dutch in mid-17th century. You will see the historical houses with the colonial touch, Dutch reformed church, flag rock where you can see the sunset and most important attraction is the light house. This is the oldest lighthouse in Sri Lanka and you will be fascinated with the panoramic view from there. Keep adding these on your Sri Lanka holiday package for a week.

On your Sri Lanka travel package for 7 days, Galle make sure to plan a whale watching at Mirissa Beach. There you can see many huge whales and there are dolphins too. It’s much better to plan this in the morning and if you are lucky enough you will see blue whales as well. It will be a nice experience on your 7 days in Sri Lanka. If you are a lover of exploring some religious attractions of course you can visit the Japanese peace pagoda at Rumassala hills in Sri Lanka. When you climb on the Rumassla hills this peaceful structure lies facing the sea. The panoramic view from there is fascinating.

Why Not Entertain Yourself With Some Extra Fun At Galle

If you are a nature lover, of course arrange a visit to the Sinharaja forest. When you are planning your Sri Lanka holiday package for a week make sure you spare one day for this visit. Sinharaja forest is named as a world heritage site by UNESCO and it has a wide range of birds and animals where you can see. There are stunning waterfalls, lakes and rivers found inside the forest. Another must visit place is Jungle beach. It’s a kind of a private beach where you can come and relax as you wish. You can have a swim or relax on the sunbed admiring the ocean waves. There are restaurants where you can have a spicy meal cooked in Sri Lankan style.

Come and relax your mind, body and soul on your Sri Lanka Travel package for 7 Days, Galle from an Ayurveda spa. Some of them offer Yoga and meditation packages as well. You can have body massage, deep tissue massage, Face massage and hand and feet massage as you prefer from any of the Ayurveda spa. You will feel relax with these and no doubt you will come again for them in your next visit. You can buy the Ayurveda medicine from these places as well so that you can take them back.

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