When offering products online it is not always necessary to place a price on them in order for you to build your profits! The fact is using these products as free giveaways is a very clever and effective way for you to develop a long term income! For the more 'capitalistic' marketers this notion may make little sense however it's true that you can build a long term income using products as free giveaways!

Here are 3 examples as to how you can actually give products away free of charge to help you build your profits over the long haul!

Exchanged For Contact Information

No matter what type of business you are engaged in online being able to develop a long term income is made MUCH easier by building a list! Of course this begins with collecting the contact information of those who have expressed an interest in what you do and this is displayed by them landing on your site! By offering these visitors an 'inducement' or bribe in the form of free giveaways has proven to be very effective for list building purposes!

Circulated Freely to Attract Visitors

Many products found online come in the form of reports or e-books which are perfect for giving away free of charge! These reports can be positioned on one of your websites or even used at any of the many social sites as a means to attract attention! The key here is to place the business link where you want people to visit prominently inside the report! Now you have set in place a passive but highly effective strategy that will not only increase your traffic but in time your profits as well! Anybody with an internet presence knows that the amount of traffic you receive is in direct proportion to your profits!

Customer Appreciation

Building goodwill and loyalty with your customers is one of the best ways to build a strong business foundation and thus a long term income! Who cares that these people may have already made a purchase with you since that is simply just a single sale! By showing people you appreciate their business they are more incline to make additional purchases with you! Periodically dispensing free giveaways to those on your list serves to demonstrate your appreciation while also strengthening their allegiance towards you!

Offering products as free giveaways as opposed to charging money for them can indeed help you develop a long term income online! At first many may feel this notion is an ineffective waste of your time and can deeply cut into your profits as a result! The 3 examples reviewed above discussed different strategies that use the leverage of 'gifting' others as a means to develop a long term income! In every case by increasing the feeling of good will with others you are also able to build their loyalty! When done successfully this results in a deeper feeling of trust towards you which translates into more repeat sales and thus the long term income you no doubt want!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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