Creating popular reading material can be challenging due to the occasional lapse in new ideas for creating unique content! The solution to this dilemma can sometimes be found in taking your focus off writing content based upon news or research. In many cases people have an interest in reading about what opinions others may hold regarding current events or teachings! Those opinions also include your own and here are 3 reasons why writing content that merely offers opinions is popular with viewers!


Offering opinions invariably leads to new perspectives which can be very thought provoking to viewers! This often results in pondering ideas that haven't been considered previously giving a reader a greater depth of understanding on a subject with which they have an interest! Let's face it, facts are facts but writing content that sheds new light on old news is a great way to 'spark' renewed interest in an otherwise worn-out topic! This is have we learn, by expanding our thinking and considering 'what if' which can typically lead to further 'break-through' on the subject! Besides, who doesn't want to learn more about a subject or topic we've already got an interest in? This particular writing 'style' also assures that people will be viewing unique content since it's based upon opinions and perspectives which are not commonly duplicated!


Another reason many have an interest in reading the opinions of others is to validate their own feelings and/or beliefs. The opinions shared do NOT necessary have to perfectly coincide with those of the reader as long as the consensus of the author marches that of the viewer themselves. In this way the individual now feels they're not alone in the 'stance' they may have taken and may have even learned something new to strengthen their stance!

Share Enthusiasm

People are 'social' in nature from the standpoint that they like to share company with those who agree with them. Quite often writing content that shares opinion and is distributed in social environments can become a great rallying point creating a 'common' ground for readers which can lead to further contact and sharing. This is much like the same type of interaction that occurs at sporting events where even though you may not be 'acquainted' with those around you, everybody feels a certain connection due to the enthusiasm being shared!

The goal of any writer is naturally to create popular reading material for others but the challenge is finding new ideas that makes for unique content! Another approach would be writing content that is based upon the opinions of others concerning current news, teachings and/or industry policies! People tend to show great interest in reading about the opinions of others for the 3 reasons discussed above and this approach is also less labor intensive! In the end as well all know everybody has got an opinion so material will never be hard to find!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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